PS5 Restock Update: Is the PlayStation 5 Available at Best Buy and Amazon?

PlayStations are so popular, the PS5 regularly goes in and out of stock online and at big retailers. As the Prime Day sale arrives on Amazon, fans will be hoping that other retailers have upped their offer to entice PS5 shoppers to their stores.

Here is a breakdown of the upcoming releases in different stores across the U.S.A.

Best Buy

Since launch, Best Buy has had a number of PS5 restocks.

While there were reports of a restock coming on June 20, that did not take place at the PS5 is currently sold out online.

Stock trackers at T3 suggested the PS5 is only available to pick up in store.

As a result, gamers may need to go about finding stock the old fashioned way by going to their local Best Buy.

Check PS5 Stock at Best Buy


With Prime Day arriving, Amazon will be selling lots of stock at discounted prices.

However, according to PS5 restock guru Matt Swider, Amazon has not restocked PS5s for the first Prime Day.

Having said that, T3 advised gamers to keep an eye on PlayStation product pages for sudden drops, and reported Amazon would be getting new consoles "imminently."

Shoppers can download the Amazon shopping app, or the Amazon Assistant, to join the waitlist and be made aware of the PS5 stock availability as it goes online.

Check PS5 Stock at Amazon


Like the other retailers at the moment, Walmart is currently out of stock of PlayStation 5 consoles.

It has been a great place to purchase the console recently, having had a number of restocks in recent months.

However, trackers have little success on Walmart's website, so, as is the case with Best Buy, gamers will need to head to their local Walmart to check in-store stock.

For those who have managed to purchase the console, there are some good deals on accompanying accessories, like the HD Camera and DualSense controllers, the latter of which are available to pre-order in a variety of colours.

Check PS5 Stock at Walmart


According to T3, Target had a restock in April but fans have had to go elsewhere for their Playstation consoles ever since.

Their ordering system allows gamers to order online to be collected, and orders cannot be made in store.

Like Walmart, there are other accessories and games to be found at Target, for those who managed to get their hands on it.

Otherwise, fans may have to turn to member sites in order to purchase a PS5.

Member sites include Costco and Meijer, both of whom stock PS5 to members to collect from store, rather than on delivery.

With Costco, their restocks have meant the console comes as part of a bundle, meaning the price can be higher.

As for Meijer, these announcements are kept for mPerks members, so fans should consider getting an account beforehand so they don't miss the rush.

Playstation 5 console from Sony
Sony's Playstation 5 logo is seen at an electronics store in Tokyo on November 10, 2020, ahead of the gaming console's release scheduled for November 12. Charly Triballeau/Getty Images