'PUBG Mobile' Adds Monster Hunting, Testing in China

Monster hunting is currently being tested on the Chinese servers for PUBG Mobile. FOX Asia is reporting that the game's Chinese New Year update, patch 0.13.0, will include scaly blue monsters for players to fight. These monsters could also be an addition from the PUBG and Resident Evil 2 collab that's been announced, but this dragon doesn't feel very much like Capcom's zombie-survival series. The dragon currently only shows up in the Arcade mode of PUBG Mobile , allowing survival purists an escape from the weirdness.

To encounter the monsters in PUBG Mobile, players must activate a series of statues littered across the map. These statues are in Chinese New Year-themed locations, giving users a clue as to where they need to go to summon the beast. The mode seems to only be playable on Chinese servers, and it's unclear if the event will ever come stateside. If the monster gets enough traffic online or becomes popular with the game's fan base, it's more likely that the blue scaly boy might see an international release.

There's only so much you can change in a battle royale to keep the game fresh and PUBG is trying everything to keep them on top of the Fortnite competition. Night vision was added the mobile port in October, allowing players the chance to encounter a nighttime random event. There's a zombie mode coming to the game over the next few patches, so that might be what NA players get to fight.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was one of the largest games when it first released as a Steam Early Access, but was no longer the titan of the industry when it was released in December 2017. PUBG Mobile has given the battle royale a much-needed popularity boost in China, where the game is extremely successful. Players prefer to use their mobile devices over PCs and PUBG Mobile is the ultimate battle royale experience on the platform.

If you want to see the dragon in action, YouTuber "Rey LAGARTO" has released a video with over an hour of footage. The dragon doesn't want to go down without a fight, making it feel a bit more like Monster Hunter than Bluehole's survival simulator.