'PUBG' PTS Update Adds Deagle & Ledge Grab on Xbox & PS4 - Patch Notes

PUBG's next big console update is expected to release July 30, but interested parties can try it now thanks to the latest PTS update on both PS4 and Xbox One. The sizable download introduces the Deagle weapon, BRDM-2 vehicle and ledge grab features. Read the full patch notes below courtesy of a post on the game's official subreddit.

PUBG July 23 PTS Update Patch Notes - PS4 & Xbox One

New Vehicle: BRDM-2

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pubg update 30 brdm2
'PUBG's next console has landed on Test Servers. This is the BRDM-2 that replaces Care Package UAZs. 'PUBG' is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and mobile. PuBG Corporation

"Players feeling froggy for a fight will now have the chance to call down an armor plated amphibious assault BRDM-2 by using the Flare Gun!"

  • BRDM-2 can only be called in as a special Care Package using the Flare Gun on all maps and it replaces the armored UAZ.
  • Over waterways or terrain, this amphibious vehicle increases your options to navigate firefights and the Battlegrounds themselves.
  • Characteristics
    • BRDM-2's total HP is 2,500 and its health is twice as much as UAZ, while its gigantic, sturdy wheels cannot be damaged.
    • Powerful bulletproof vehicle that can reduce incoming damage such as ammunition based assaults as well as grenades and red zone damage.
    • BRDM-2 is an amphibious vehicle that can continue to ground travel on water, but players can't shoot while on board.
    • It has a capacity of up to four players on board, and Its top water speed is 22km/h and top speed on the road is 102km/h when boosted.
    • Damage modifiers that BRDM-2 receives differ per mode:
      • In SOLO mode, the damage taken is increased by 80 percent
      • In DUO mode, the damage taken is increased by 40 percent

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New Weapon: Deagle

pubg update 30 deagle
The Deagle iw now 'PUBG's strongest handgun. PuBG Corporation

"Bang Bang Pow? That's the sound of two shots from a Deagle breaking a level 3 helmet."

  • The Deagle is a handgun that deals the strongest pistol damage with great muzzle velocity and will be spawned on all maps.
  • Deagle can deal 62 damage per shot and take both red-dot and holographic sights, various magazines and a laser sight that improves hip fire accuracy.
  • With greater than average pistol damage and muzzle velocity comes harder to control recoil.
  • Deagle has a single fire mode type that uses .45 ACP ammo and the standard magazine fits seven rounds. (It can be extended to 10 with an extended magazine)

Improved Loot Sorting

  • You won't get lost going through unorganized loot anymore. Loot is now organized for player crates, vicinity loot and care packages.

Auto Replace Weapon Skin

  • You can automatically replace the skin on a picked up weapon with your own with the new option.
  • You can toggle Auto Replace Weapon Skin option from Settings - Gameplay - Functionalities
  • When toggled on, the weapon you pick up will have the skin replaced with your own weapon skin.
    • If there is no skin to replace, the weapon skin of the picked up weapon will stay as is.


Ledge Grab

pubg update 30 ledge grab
Grabbing ledges in 'PUBG' opens up a wide range of tactical possibilities. PuBG Corporation

"Find new ways to fight, jump, grab, get up, and go with our new Ledge Grab feature!"


  • Ledge grab allows you to take new paths by climbing up the edge of roofs, fences, and obstacles up to 2.5 meters high, and jump from building to building or container to container.
  • Now that players can move to places they weren't able to reach before, we look forward to seeing gameplay with new strategies climbing to places your opponent won't be able to anticipate.

How to use

  • You can activate ledge grab by either jumping or vaulting A and then continue to press A or by pressing A at the right timing in midair, heading towards the target location.
  • You can cancel the ledge grab while it is activated and fall to the ground by following the same method of cancelling the vaulting/climbing.

Known Issue

  • Ledge Grab incorrectly activates automatically after jumping. Ledge Grab should only work if A is held down, or by pressing A at the right time when midair.
    • This issue will be fixed on the Live update, scheduled for July 30.

A message from the Dev Team on ledge grab

This is the first iteration of ledge grab, you cannot yet hang on the railings or slide down railings. However, ledge grab will be updated twice in total, including this update, and the dev team will keep working to enable those features just mentioned from the other update in the future.

We anticipate a similar adoption period for ledge grab as we had with the initial introduction of vaulting. We will work to isolate any improvements or modifications that need to be made during the early stages of the feature's launch.

Please try out the new ledge grab and kindly give us your feedback so that we can further improve and polish the feature, which is the utmost priority to the dev team.

We will continue to make our best efforts to quickly ensure the feature is as stable and useful as possible. We very much appreciate your interest and feedback.

Improved Gas Can

"We like the cans. The cans that go boom!"


  • Added strategic elements to the Gas Can, an item that used to be seen to have few advantages to loot.
  • As soon as Gas Can explodes, it will deal damage to all players in a radius around it's location.
  • When the Gas Can is blown up, it deals damage in a radius around it, dealing more damage to those close by
  • Keep in mind that you can hurt both yourself and your teammates if you stand too close to the explosion, so be careful!

How to use

  • Drop a Gas Can on the ground and damage it with bullets or throwables, which will cause it to explode and deal damage to those close by.
  • Each Gas Can will now display individually in the inventory when players have more than one Gas Can to reduce confusion, as dropping multiple Gas Cans will not multiply the damage.

Radio Message

"You can't talk over a chicken dinner if you don't communicate in a match. Radio Messages will keep you coordinated with every teammate, no matter the region or mic situation."

Playing with players from different regions in random Duo or Squad matches or players with no access to voice chat have made it difficult to establish team-based strategy through close communication between team members. To help solve this problem, we are introducing text-based Radio Messages that will help you communicate with your team more quickly and easily for successful strategic gameplay.

  • Click R-Stick to open the Radio Message Wheel UI.
    • There are 8 types of messages provided–selected messages will be displayed on the left screen and immediately shown to your teammates.
    • Pings has various interactions.
      • Select Ping near a certain item, and you can share the name and location of the pinged item with your teammates.
      • You can also use Ping on Care Packages or death crates to share their location.
      • Ping the direction you want to move toward to share the direction with your teammates.
      • All these features above automatically place a marker on the map and will be useful to utilize together with the Tactical Map Marker.
    • Enemy Spotted allows you to quickly share the location of an enemy you've spotted.
      • Use Enemy Spotted at the enemy's location to mark it on the map and share it with your teammates.
      • Messages vary by distance:
      • Ping and Enemy Spotted send messages to teammates within 300M.
    • Need Ammo works dynamically, with the message reflecting the ammo type of the weapon you are holding.
      • Example: If you select Need Ammo while holding an M416, the message sent to your teammates will be "I NEED 5.56mm."
    • You can mute Radio Messages from teammates individually by holding X in the Team Management menu.

Kill distance has been added to center-screen kill messages.

  • The distance between you and the enemy you killed will be displayed alongside the standard kill message in the middle of the screen.
    • Kill distance will only be shown you kill enemies from over 100M away.
      • This will appear only when you kill the enemy by yourself.
  • DBNO kill messages remain the same and won't show kill distance.

Featured Map (No Change)

  • The Featured Map will remain as Erangel, due to global voting on the official PUBG Twitter poll

Auto Equip Attachments Improvement

  • The Auto Equip Scope option will no longer be visible if the Auto Equip Attachments option is toggled off.

Store Update (Xbox)

  • The store item list will be updated on July 30 when the Live servers maintenance begins.
    • Every item except BP crates and the Road Warrior Helmet will be removed from the store
  • Added to the Store
    • 19 new weapon skins you can purchase using G-Coin or BP.
    • 17 outfits you can purchase using G-Coin or BP.
    • 10 summer themed items.
    • Six emotes you can purchase using BP.
    • A Level 1 Helmet skin you can purchase using BP.

Weapon Mastery

  • Emblem Animation
    • For every 10 level-ups, a new tier emblem animation will be displayed to show your tier progression.
  • New weapon – Deagle added to the Mastery tab
    • Earn XP and unlock charms for our newest weapon, the Deagle.
  • Improved the Last Match popup UI
    • The weapon icon displayed in the Last Match popup now varies for each player. The icons of the top three weapons with the highest score in the last match will appear in the popup message.
    • The displayed weapon icons follow the weapon sorting order applied to the Last Match page.
  • In-game charm equip/unequip feature
    • You can now equip and unequip charms in-game.
    • Press X to apply/remove a Charm.
    • If you have not applied a Charm to the weapon under the Weapon Mastery tab, only the remove feature will be available


  • Added brightness options for each map
    • Brightness option are now changeable per map, to allow players more choice with each map's unique visual characteristics.
      • A new option allows you to adjust brightness for each map individually.
      • You can also use the existing option to adjust brightness of all maps together.
  • Readability improved for parachute UI
  • Improved Survivor Pass in-game mission list UI
    • The in-game mission list UI has been improved to more clearly distinguish completed missions from in-progress/uncompleted missions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the reload sound played repeatedly when unequipping a weapon while reloading.
  • Fixed an issue where the audible reload range of the AWM was significantly lower compared to other SRs.
  • Fixed an issue where character's limbs overlapped when reloading the R45 and AKM in specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where a male hairstyle did not match the thumbnail.
  • Fixed an issue where the automatic firing mode option did not apply during War Mode matches.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the firing sound to be lower than intended when near a Motorbike or Snowmobile.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon charms attached to a Tommy Gun would overlap an attached Extended Mag.
  • Fixed an issue where some UI elements could disappear temporarily when watching a player in a replay or spectator mode.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle deaths caused by other vehicles are not displayed in the killfeed for observers.
  • Fixed an issue where the speedometer in the dashboard of certain vehicles did not function correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the throwable UI overlapped when switching between specific throwable items.
  • Fixed an issue where characters rising from lowered stances at distances further than 50 meters away would appear to stand up without any visible animation.
  • Fixed an issue where dropping empty shotgun shells had no sound when reloading the S686.
  • Fixed an issue where Care Packages could drop in unintended locations on Vikendi, including out of the map boundary.
  • Fixed an issue where players who were DBNO while ADSing, returned to the ADS state after being revived.
  • Fixed an issue which could affect players experiencing poor network connectivity causing the player to enter the falling animation when ejecting from the plane.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not rewarded a kill if their DBNO opponent was killed by self-inflicted or environmental damage, such as grenade or fall damage.
  • Fixed an issue where players who were DBNO during the initial vault animation, would complete the animation while in DBNO state.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from following other players with the in-game friends list.
  • Fixed an issue in which players were able to pass and shoot through windows without them breaking.

Judging by these patch notes, the next big PUBG console update appears to be heavy on content and light on bug fixes. From a core perspective, the latest build matches PUBG update 30, which released on PC in the middle of June. The short delay doesn't make any of these new additions any less noteworthy, however. The BRDM-2 is a more versatile version of the UAZ, the Deagle is an extremely powerful handgun and ledge grab has the potential to change the meta in limitless ways. Features like these helped rejuvenate the PC PUBG community last month, so the hope is that their console implementation is well-tested.

On the quality-of-life front major changes include the addition of radio messages and a reworked Gas Can. While the radio system isn't quite as effective as the ping system in Apex Legends, it's at least a fairly smart take on the concept that doesn't sacrifice the tactical nature of the game. As for the Gas Can, its new model has a clearly defined radius that should make accidental damage less frequent than it was before. Provided all its features work as advertised, this PTS update previews one of PUBG's most significant console patches to date.

PUBG is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and mobile. The final update is expected to go live July 30.

What are your thoughts on this latest PUBG PTS update? Will it bring you back to the game on Xbox or PS4? Tell us in the comments section!

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