'PUBG' Update 4.3 Adds Survival Mastery, DBS & Mobile Healing - Patch Notes

PUBG update 4.3 goes live on Test Servers soon, and we have the patch notes to prove it. The substantial download adds the Survival Mastery system, DBS Shotgun and more. There are also smaller additions including mobile healing as well. Read more info on the changes below courtesy of a PUBG Corp blog post.

PUBG Update 4.3 Patch Notes

New Feature: Survival Mastery

pubg survival mastery
'PUBG' update 4.3 adds the Survival Mastery system, DBS and more. Learn more about the feature in the patch notes. 'PUBG' is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and mobile. PUBG Corporation

"Develop your not-so-killer instincts."

We are excited to introduce the Survival Mastery system, where players can develop their less-than-lethal aspects of PUBG gameplay. This companion system to Weapon Mastery, which allows players to progress their skill in gunplay, will also introduce new ways for players to express their personalities on the Battlegrounds with new rewards and PUBG ID.

  • Survival Mastery is a new progression system where players increase levels by gaining XP based on the players' survival patterns
  • The system operates all the time without being affected by seasons. The Level cap for Survival Mastery is 500
  • Players can earn XP in the following situations:
    • Looting
    • Using items during combat
    • Combat
    • Reviving a teammate

Match summary timeline

  • The match summary timeline recaps all survival actions performed in a match
  • Players can check survival actions they have performed in their previous match in a timeline sequence from Mastery > Last Match Tab
  • The activities below will be shown in the timeline, along with other XP earning activities
    • Landing point
    • Location where players perform certain actions
    • Damage dealt and received
    • Distance a player travels using vehicles
    • Surviving Blue Zone phases

Survival style showing players' playstyle

  • In Mastery > Survival tab, players can check their recent survival playstyle from the analysis of all players' data
  • Survival style tracks your recent playstyle by analyzing data of all the players playing PUBG. It includes the following information:
    • Average engagement length
    • Average engagement distance
    • Items looted per game
    • Distance traveled per game
    • Hot drop rate
    • Damage taken per game
  • The 3 most prominent of these traits will be displayed

Survival Mastery - PUBG ID

  • A new system where players can express themselves while show their progression and Survival Mastery rewards
  • PUBG ID includes Survival Mastery Level, Player ID, Emblem, Background, and Poses
    • A summary and detailed recap are available
  • Players can view and change from Mastery > Survival tab
  • Players are able to view other player's PUBG ID in the following case
    • Teammate from the previous match
    • Player you killed and the player who killed you


  • For every 10 levels (5, 15, 25...), players are rewarded an emblem
  • Players can express themselves with various emblems on their PUBG ID


  • For every 10 levels (10, 20, 30...), players are rewarded a background
  • Players can express their identity with different backgrounds on their PUBG ID


  • For every 100 levels (100, 200, 300...), players are rewarded a pose
  • Poses are the highest reward in the system and players can change their pose using the Survivor tab and PUBG ID
  • Player poses utilize the player's equipped clothing
    • Other skins such as vehicles and weapons aren't currently utilized for poses

BP Rewards

  • BP will be granted for levels without other rewards

New Weapon: DBS

pubg dbs
The DBS is a new double-barrel Shotgun that's currently exclusive to Care Packages. PUBG Corporation
  • he DBS is a double barrel pump-action bullpup shotgun that can only be initially obtained from Care Packages
  • DBS has two internal magazine tubes that allow the user to load up to fourteen 12-gauge rounds
    • Thanks to those combined firing mechanics, DBS can produce massive bursts of damage in a short time span
  • Upper rail of the gun allows a Holographic, Red Dot Sight, and 2x to 6x Scopes
  • Maximum effective range to deal damage with the DBS is 100 m


"Two in the front, two in the back, and we don't look back."

  • Improved shotgun consistency
    • Hit probability increased, especially in medium shotgun range
    • Damage drop-off over distance increased
    • Minimum per pellet damage within effective range of each shotgun increased to 4
      • Except the Sawed-Off, which is three
      • All shotguns fire nine pellets total per round
  • Adjusted shotgun balance
    • All shotgun pellets now use more realistic ballistic curves (speed decrease over time)
    • All shotguns had their recoil effects updated
    • Damage multiplier changes
      • Headshot: From 1.5 to 1.2
      • Torso: From 1.0 to 0.9
    • S686
      • Maximum effective range set to 80 m
      • Increased reload speed by 20 percent
    • S1897
      • Maximum effective range set to 80 m
      • Pump action speed increased by 20 percent
      • Pump action will no longer temporarily un-ADS the player
    • Sawed-Off
      • Maximum effective range set to 80 m
      • Maximum increased probability range set to 50 m
      • Increased number of pellets fired to nine
      • Decreased damage per pellet from 22 to 20
    • Duckbill attachment: Pellet spread multiplier increased from 0.8 to 1.0
  • Updated weapon impact effects
    • Both decals and particle effects are now more directional allowing players to better understand the direction shots are coming from
    • Size and characteristics of the effect depend on both the surface being hit and the class of the weapon being fired
  • QoL improvement for healing items while walking
    • Healing items can now be activated while moving and your player will be reduced to walking speed and continue using the item while you move at walking pace
      • Previously, you had to come to a complete stop to start healing
  • Canted Sight reticle type can now be adjusted, along with brightness, similar to the Red Dot


  • Reduced the volume of the Red Zone
  • Footstep sounds volume and attenuation have been re-balanced
  • Footstep sounds will be more drastically reduced when players move to the outer limit of footstep audible range
  • Different sound effects are played when landing from falling, dependent to the surface material type
  • Made improvements to the ledge-grab sound effects
  • For more information on the sound improvement plans, please go to the following link: Dev Letter: Sound Improvement Plan
  • Added a new song to the Turntable
    • The new song will replace the previous song

Survivor Pass: Aftermath

  • The current season of both the Survivor Pass and Survivor Title System will end on October 16 KST
  • Survivor Pass: Starting October 2nd, two weeks before the end period of Aftermath, there will be an on-screen message, pop-up and countdown on the Survivor Pass banner in the lobby to notify players of the pass end timing
    • A pop-up message displayed will be displayed to users purchasing Premium Pass and Level-up items, alerting them of the time left until pass end
  • Premium Pass and Level-up items can be purchased until the Pass period ends


pubg 43 ux
Icon brightness improves in 'PUBG' update 4.3. PUBG Corporation
  • Added background blur effects to make the duo/squad team UI have better readability
  • Improved visibility of the fire mode indicator on the HUD to further differentiate firing modes
  • Decreased brightness of equipment icons
  • Added headphone icon to the UI right of the health HUD to indicate when the Instant Volume Reducer (F7) is enabled
    • A system message at the bottom of the screen has also been added when activating/deactivating this function


  • Minor performance optimizations that will improve FPS in areas where many players are in close proximity to one another
  • Made visual improvements to shadows and enhanced rendering performance
  • Deployed tentative change on the test server mitigating an issue which causes loot to appear late, mainly after landing from your parachute
    • Dev Note: As this change increases server load, we will closely monitor any potential negative impact this may have to the player experience. We intend to apply this change to live servers with this update if player feedback is positive and the overall server performance impact is negligible. Any changes to this plan will be communicated through the patch notes. Please try the changes on the test servers for yourself and share your feedback.

Custom Match

The days of slow, weak zombies are over! Custom match Zombie modes are getting the following improvements:

  • Zombies now have stronger physical capabilities
    • Zombies can run faster, jump higher, and attack much faster
      • Increased the running speed by 1.5 times
      • Increased the jumping height by two times
      • Increased the speed of attacks by 1.5 times
    • Zombies now have much more health and stronger healing power
      • Increased strength by more than two times
      • Can recover health automatically when they are not engaged in combat
      • No fall damage when falling from high locations
      • Receive less damage from guns, except for headshots
    • Zombies can now drive vehicles
      • Zombies can now move around using vehicles instead of simply running on foot
  • Moreover, we are developing a virus infection feature, which is one of the core elements of PUBG Zombie (PUBZ) content. Internal tests are ongoing for various features to make the zombie mode matches more diverse and exciting. We look forward to your feedback on the improved zombie mode

PUBG Partner Icon

  • In Custom Matches, an icon will be displayed in front PUBG Partner's nicknames. This icon will only be shown in the match information section and waiting room

Skins & Items

Once Update 4.3 is released to the Live Server, you will find the following new items in the store:

  • Halloween themed items
    • Sales Period: September 25 ~ November 13
  • 12 new Twitch Broadcast Royale items
    • Sales Period: September 25 ~ October 15
  • Three Pan skins and one set celebrating the PUBG Classic
    • Sales Period: October 2 ~ October 23
  • New BP purchasable items
    • Beryl & S12K BattleStat skins
    • Two Madsy shoes
  • New BattleStat skin
    • SCAR-L BattleStat skin
  • Reduced the probability of receiving a locked crate from the random crate purchase by 50 percent

Replay System

  • The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unavailable for use

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where character footsteps cannot be heard when walking backwards against corners of objects
  • Fixed an issue where the smoke UI timer doesn't sync correctly when the replay is skipped in replay mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Flare Gun firing animation is obscured when in the prone position
  • Fixed an issue where grenade damage in rare situations could be received through objects
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect kill distance was shown when a disconnected player is killed
  • Fixed an issue where the healing items would be cancelled when pressing Sprint without moving
  • Fixed an issue where UAZ wheels wouldn't get destroyed after being punched multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where skull icons are incorrectly displayed on the minimap in Simplified Chinese language version
  • Fixed an issue which caused an excessively bright light effect in the side mirror of motorcycles
  • Fixed an issue where players could not be damaged by other players punching them inside vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where parachutes were not displayed in training mode with a fully equipped bag
  • Fixed an issue where players are forcibly removed from training mode when vaulting over a certain wall
  • Fixed an issue where zombie players occasionally appear to be human in zombie mode
  • Fixed an issue where the lung capacity icon does wouldn't display correctly when holding breath while swimming
  • Fixed an issue which prevented footstep sounds from playing in specific situations when running through certain puddles

PUBG update 4.3 stands to be a pretty big deal given additions like the Survival Mastery system and the DBS. Under the new gameplay provisions, players are finally rewarded for the quieter aspects of battle royale success like looting, item use and revives. While the Weapon Mastery system focuses almost entirely on combat success, Survival Mastery fills in progression gaps that were missing before. It's no secret that PUBG probably should've had a proper progression system years ago, but at least fans are getting one with update 4.3. The DBS, on the other hand, sounds like a very powerful double-pump that PUBG Corp is smart to limit to Care Packages for now.

Of course, not all the significant changes in PUBG update 4.3 are immediately obvious. To better compete with the DBS, all other Shotguns in the game are getting buffed with improved range, consistency and damage. To balance out the tweak, some multipliers have been reduced, though. Unrelated to weapons, the ability to heal while moving and small adjustments to annoying in-game sounds should make PUBG 4.3 a more pleasurable experience overall. Hardcore players have been hyped for PUBG update 4.3 over the past few days, and it looks like it's going to deliver.

PUBG is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and mobile. Update 4.3 is currently exclusive to PC Test Servers.

What are your thoughts on Survival Mastery and the DBS coming to PUBG? Was update 4.3 worth the wait? Tell us in the comments section!