'PUBG' Update on Xbox One Reduces Memory Crashes - Patch Notes

PUBG has a brand-new update on Xbox One that introduces several performance fixes to the game. According to the official patch notes, many of the tweaks aim to reduce memory overhead by cutting back on the amount of loaded objects. If you're tired of seeing those "out of memory" crashes, today's update should make them less frequent.

PUBG buggy performance update
After today’s ‘PUBG’ update on Xbox, players should have a better time driving dune buggies. PUBG Corporation/Microsoft

'PUBG' June 26 Update Patch Notes

  • We've optimized the total memory required by both maps, with a significant reduction in total memory required for Miramar.
  • The UI has been optimized to use less resources.
  • Character movement has been optimized to use less resources and improve performance.
  • Vehicle location updates have been made more efficient for stationary vehicles to improve performance. The position of every vehicle in a 1km of your player is updated very frequently, to ensure vehicle movement is as smooth as possible. Prior to this patch, frequent vehicle location updates were also being requested for every stationary vehicle in a 1km radius of your player, negatively impacting performance.
  • Vehicle effects have been optimized to improve performance, without affecting visual quality.
  • Bullet impact effects will no-longer consume resources if they aren't seen by the player.
  • Character shadow rendering has been optimized to improve performance.
  • Terrain and grass have been optimized on both maps (Miramar/Erangel) to increase performance.
  • Parachutes have been optimized, they now use less resources.
  • The physics while free falling have been optimized. Bullets will no longer be able to impact players before the parachute opens. This will improve world loading times when landing.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes footsteps weren't heard during or after ADS
  • Fixed a bug where the position of teammates sometimes wouldn't display correctly on the minimap

As promised, today's update doesn't add any new content and is fully focused on improving gameplay performance that had degraded since Xbox's Miramar update at the end of May. While there are a few cases where visual effects may be toned down after the patch, these optimizations will hopefully help keep players in the game for longer. Especially as you leave the plane and drive vehicles, framerates should be much better.

In the meantime, PUBG players on Xbox are making steady progress on the Headhunter Community Event. If about 1 million more headshots are registered by June 28 at 3 a.m. EDT, everyone will instantly unlock the Body Shirt and Fingerless Glove cosmetics.

PUBG is available now on PC and in Game Preview on Xbox One. Today's performance patch is exclusive to Xbox.

What are your thoughts on the latest PUBG update on Xbox One? Does it actually reduce your "out of memory" crashes? Tell us in the comments section