'PUBG' Xbox PTS Update Adds Beryl M762, MK47 Mutant & More - Patch Notes

PUBG for Xbox One just gots its highly anticipated PTS update, and it adds new weapons, vehicles, performance fixes and more. Among the new content is the Beryl M762, MK47 Mutant and Sanhok Scooter. The full patch notes are available courtesy of an official forum post from PUBG Corporation.


Here are the basic details worth knowing regarding times, modes and maps.

  • Starts: Oct. 11 at 4 a.m. EDT
  • Maps and Modes: All maps and all modes. There may be times when access to certain modes is restricted due to matchmaking issues, but these are not expected to impact the North American test.

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'PUBG' PTS Update Oct. 11 Patch Notes

Here's everything that's changed in the most recent update.

New Weapon: Beryl M762

PUBG Beryl M762
The Beryl M762 is a bit harder to control, but it does plenty of damage. PUBG Corporation

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  • Added the Beryl M762, which is a new versatile Assault Rifle which spawns on Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok.
  • Beryl M762 uses 7.62mm ammunition and can load up to 30 rounds (40 with an extended magazine)
  • The Beryl has upper and lower rails, allowing for scopes and a grip.
  • It has lower per bullet damage than the AKM, but a higher firing rate, meaning higher DPS if you can control the kick.

New Weapon: MK47 Mutant

PUBG MK47 Mutant
‘PUBG’s Mk47 gun variant sounds like a versatile weapon. PUBG Corporation
  • Added a new AR weapon: the MK47 Mutant
  • MK47 Mutant can be acquired on all maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok) through world spawn
  • MK47 Mutant is an AR weapon using 7.62mm bullets and has a 20-round capacity, which can be upgraded to 30 rounds with an extended magazine.
  • The Mutant has two firing modes: single shot and two-round burst
  • Almost all types of attachments can be used with the MK47, but it has no stock slot

New Sanhok-Exclusive Vehicle: Scooter

PUBG scooter shot
The scooter is a decent alternative to the motorbike. PUBG Corporation
  • Added a new two-seat vehicle, the Scooter, which is exclusive to Sanhok
  • Both the scooter and two-seater motorbike can be found on Sanhok
  • Compared to the current motorbike, the Scooter has lower speed and an increased turning circle, but the same HP.

New Sanhok Exclusive Vehicle: Tukshai

  • Added a new vehicle that will be exclusive to the Sanhok map
  • The Tukshai is a three-person vehicle that substitutes the UAZ, Dacia and Minibus
  • The Tukshai is slower compared to the previous vehicles, but fits perfectly with Sahnok's environment

Restructuring of the BP System

Previously, we offered BP rewards based only on your ranking. Now, we've restructured the system to take into account both play time and ranking.

Rewards have been restructured to equalize the differences in BP efficiency based on playing time for each Map and Mode.

We've changed team rewards to be shared:

  • You will no longer receive four times the BP because you were playing alone in a squad game


  • Added 'TPP Aim Camera Position' to options
  • Reset to Right Shoulder (default setting)
  • Camera will always be positioned above the character's right shoulder
  • Reset to Left Shoulder
  • Camera will always be positioned above the character's left shoulder
  • Latest Peek Shoulder
  • Camera position automatically moves to the direction you last leaned
  • Latest Aim Shoulder
  • Camera remains in the last ADS direction
  • In this setting, the camera position won't be changed by leaning while not in ADS or scoping

[Right shoulder camera / Left shoulder camera]


  • Added a new attachment: the Laser Sight
  • Bullet spread is reduced when hip firing and soft-aiming
  • The Laser Sight fits on weapons with a lower rail slot available, taking up the grip slot.
  • Added the improved Marker/Ping System first introduced for testing on the Aug. 1 test server update
  • Using (R) button, you can create a marker where you are aiming on the compass at the top of the screen (not visible in the world)
  • All team members can see this marker on the compass
  • After setting the marker, there is a two second cooldown before you can mark again
  • The marker on the compass will automatically disappear after five seconds
  • When the ping markers overlap, the closest located marker will be shown on top.
  • Increased maximum sensitivity (10 → 20)


  • Added a key guide to the loading screen tips (XBOX image will be applied soon)
  • Improved the design of the map markers
  • This is thanks to feedback that some players were confusing the previous marker design with the player icon


  • You can now report a player for Teaming, Gameplay interference, Verbal abuse.
  • This can be done after the match is over


  • Optimized GC (Garbage Collection)
  • Faster rate of making the used memory to be reusable
  • Improved performance by adjusting on-hit effects for various materials
  • Improved server and client performance by optimizing the inner composition of the plane
  • Increased the quality of optimization to reduce desync.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where tooltips for the stun grenade did not accurately reflect its in-game effects
  • Fixed an issue where characters were seen moving fast while prone when moving on slopes a certain way
  • Fixed an issue where item mesh is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the floor in the police station in El Azahar in Miramar
  • Fixed an issue where a dead player's loot box is sometimes buried in certain locations in Miramar
  • Fixed an issue where characters can sometimes get stuck between the wall and vehicle while leaving the passenger seat when the vehicle is touching a wall
  • Fixed an issue where in some situations in FPP, players could see through walls
  • Fixed an issue where the sawed-off wasn't listed in the attachable weapon list tooltip of the shotgun choke
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players would not get transferred to the starting plane, and instead start the match from the initial spawn location
  • Fixed an issue where the under certain conditions, character models could appear stuck in the crouch position
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the fuel gauge of vehicles wasn't in sync with the visual display on the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where in rare instances, players could be teleported to an entirely different location while on Sanhok
  • Fixed the issue where a character on board a vehicle would sometimes be shown as immobile in a very different location
  • Fixed the issue where a character who is driving in a vehicle is created in an unspecified location
  • Fixed the issue where the gun of the person you are spectating is sometimes not rendered, causing problems when the gun goes into ADS mode
  • Fixed the issue where weapons are sometimes shown in locations different from where the character is holding them
  • Fixed the issue where approaching a window with glass and throwing a throwable could sometimes cause the camera to temporarily zoom in and out
  • Fixed the issue where approaching a corpse while lying down could sometimes cause the camera to zoom in
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes a character standing at the very edge of the sea on Sanhok would be shown as falling out of the sky
  • Fixed the issue where the Bluezone UI timer occasionally decreases by 2 seconds
  • Fixed the issue where an underwater character is unable to move to land because the terrain is shown as stuttering
  • Fixed the issue where colliding with an object while driving in a UAZ deals comparatively more damage than other vehicles
  • Fixed the issue where the firing mode of a gun that has been dropped and picked up again is reset to default settings
  • Fixed the issue where the vaulting action was not working properly with certain building windows in Sanhok
  • Fixed the issue where an afterimage sometimes remains on other players' screen when repeatedly arming/unarming
  • Fixed the issue where the AR compensator on the SLR was not reducing the horizontal recoil
  • Fixed the issue where a character cannot peek while over a gas can
  • Fixed the issue where frame drop occured when the weather was rainy and the character was swimming in the water when the perspective changed from under to above water
  • Fixed the issue where the HP gauge was displayed red in certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where grenade impact sounds were not played when interacting with certain surfaces on Sanhok
  • Fixed an issue where in some specific situations there was less weapon recoil than intended
  • Fixed the issue where after exiting the game while armed, the character model would appear to shake
  • Fixed the issue where picking up sound was output, but was not able to pick up the item from a certain distance
  • Fixed the issue where the exact direction of other player's footstep sound was hard to comprehend

As far as new content is concerned, today's Xbox PTS update mirrors that of a PC patch that made its way to Test Servers in the middle of August. While new guns and vehicles are always appreciated, the Xbox faithful are most interested in seeing how this most recent update improves overall performance. Mentions of desync fixes, memory tweaks and garbage collection remedies sound like a solid start, but only if they're meaningful once the game is turned on.

Overall this PUBG update has a little something to please every Xbox player. The Beryl and MK47 are solid guns, but don't expect them to drastically alter the multiplayer meta as you know it. Like most vehicles, the Scooter is just a cool new way to get around. There's fun and function to be found here. We just hope PUBG Corp delivers equally on both fronts.

PUBG is available now on PC and Xbox One. Today's PTS update is exclusive to Xbox One.

What are your thoughts on this latest PTS if you've played it? Does PUBG feel better on Xbox with this patch installed? Tell us in the comments section!

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