'PUBG' Xbox Sanhok Event Pass Rewards - Every Premium Skin for 1.0 Release

PUBG 's 1.0 update has released on Xbox One, and it features the game's first-ever Sanhok Event Pass. In addition to the game's $29 starting price, the Event Pass offers opportunities to unlock free and paid cosmetics through Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. EDT.

What is the 'PUBG' Event Pass?

The PUBG Event Pass is very similar to Fortnite's Battle Pass. It's a way to directly unlock cosmetics by completing special gameplay-related challenges. All players have access to the free tier of the Event Pass, but a $9.99 (or 1,000 G-Coin) Premium tier offers the most enticing rewards.

Those who decide to purchase the premium pass retroactively unlock any rewards earned prior to their purchase of the pass. Unlike the PC Event Pass, none of the console cosmetics have timed use periods.

'PUBG' Xbox Event Pass Rewards

Here's a list of all the premium rewards players will be able to unlock via the Sanhok Event Pass. The number corresponds to the required level.

  1. 400 XP
  2. Temporary five percent BP boost
  3. 500 BP
  4. Jailbird t-shirt
  5. Escapee Pants
  6. 200 XP
  7. Escapee Shoes
  8. BP boost
  9. Silver Plate Mini14 Skin
  10. 700 BP
  11. Beach Shorts
  12. 200 XP
  13. Jailbird Joggers
  14. Temporary BP boost
  15. Escapee Jacket
  16. 500 BP
  17. Guard Pants
  18. 700 BP
  19. Guard Cap
  20. 200 XP
  21. Gold Plate P92 Skin
  22. Guard Jacket
  23. Rash Vest
  24. Rose-tinted Glasses
  25. BP Boost
  26. Beach Shirt (Coral
  27. 2,000 BP
  28. Twisty Top (Beige)
  29. Guard Shirt
  30. Paradise Bottom

You can see images of the free and paid rewards below.

Levels one-10

PUBG Sanhok Event Pass 1-10
The first 10 levels of 'PUBG's Sanhok Event Pass on Xbox PUBG Corporation

Levels 11-20

PUBG Sanhok Event Pass 11-20
Levels 11-20 of 'PUBG's Sanhok Event Pass PUBG Corporation

Levels 21-30

PUBG Sanhok Event Pass 21-30
The final levels of 'PUBG's Sanhok Event Pass PUBG Corporation

'PUBG' Event Pass Challenges

Here's a list of Event Pass Challenges PUBG players can complete to unlock the above-listed cosmetics.

Daily: Earn 120 XP by completing these challenges and surviving at least 2.5 minutes in a single match.

  • Play for one hour on Sanhok
  • Drive for at least one minute in a single game
  • Reach top five in Squads


  • Deal 500 damage and kill at least one player in a single game
  • Travel 100 km in vehicles
  • Play 30 games on Erangel pr Miramar
  • Kill 100 players

Week 1 Sanhok Challenges

  • Kill 10 players
  • Drive 10km in any vehicle
  • Kill three players using handguns
  • Travel 50km by any means
  • Pop 20 tires
  • Reach top five five times
  • Kill multi-stage challenge

That's everything you can get in PUBG's Sanhok Event Pass. For more on PUBG's 1.0 release, check out the full patch notes for the update.

PUBG is available now on PC and Xbox One.

What are your thoughts on PUBG's Xbox Event Pass for Sanhok? Will you be paying $9.99 for the premium skins? Tell us in the comments section!

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