‘PUBG’ Xbox Update 13 Boosts Performance, Cuts Pop-In - Patch Notes

PUBG has a new update on Xbox One, and it’s primarily focused on performance boosts. The Miramar Test Server included some fairly minor code changes that have migrated to the live environment.

The full patch notes are below courtesy of a post on PUBG’s official Xbox forums:



  • The free-fall and parachuting process has been optimized, leading to performance improvements during the initial stages of each game.
  • World loading has been optimized. “Play-doh” and interior prop pop-in effects have been improved.
  • Movement data for nearby but out-of-sight players is now handled in a more efficient manner, resulting in general performance improvements.
  • Similarly, when nearby but out-of-sight players equip or unequip items, this process is handled in a more efficient manner. This helps with performance and crashes throughout the game.
  • The inventory has been optimized, improving response time when opening it and solving some crashing issues.
  • Uninhabited boats and vehicles were causing some performance issues, and we’ve resolved this issue.


Missing from this particular update are the content additions featured in last week’s Test Server. In other words, while the game should run a bit smoother with update 13 installed, you’ll only be able to take advantage of the improvements on Erangel with the standard roster of guns. But considering how divisive Miramar has been on PC, some Xbox players may be OK with that.

PUBG Miramar Xbox One landscape update Improvements from the Miramar Test Server make the latest ‘PUBG’ Xbox update shine. PUBG Corporation/Microsoft

Speaking of the Miramar Test Server, PUBG Corp. has also announced that additional testing details will be available soon. While the console trial period began with a rocky start, it continued with extended server activity and satisfactory reports from participants. As Miramar prepares for its live debut later this month, the announcement of more testing dates should be viewed as a positive sign for Game Preview members.

PUBG is available now on PC and in Game Preview on Xbox One. This update only applies to Xbox and has nothing to do with the PC build.

What are your thoughts on PUBG for Xbox One after this update? Has update 13 truly increased performance as advertised? Tell us in the comments section!

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