'PUBG' Xbox Update Fixes Movement & Desync, Offers Free BP - Patch Notes

PUBG on Xbox One has been updated to fix movement problems and desync, while also offering free BP and cosmetics in the process. PUBG Corporation revealed the information via an official blog post Thursday morning.

PUBG Miramar landscape
'PUBG's latest update on Xbox makes character movement better. PUBG Corporation

PUBG Xbox Hotfix Nov. 15 Patch Notes

Login Event

  • As a token of our appreciation for our players, 20,000 BP and the Punk Jacket (Black) will be received upon logging into the game after the hotfix maintenance has been completed. Once again, we thank our players for all the support while we worked to resolve long standing issues like Lost Connection to Host.
    • Event Start time: After Maintenance
    • Event End time: Nov. 22 5 a.m. EST


  • Road Warrior Helmet is now available for purchase in the in-game Store for 20,000 BP

Supply System

  • Mission reset times have been adjusted to the following times:
    • Daily Mission: 3 a.m. EST
    • Weekly Mission: Monday 3 a.m. EST


  • Added Forward Sensitivity option in controller settings
    • Players who had difficulty moving in a straight line will be able to adjust this value
      • Note: Higher deadzone value equates to less sensitive movement of the left stick when moving forward


  • With the support and requests from our LATAM community, we have decided to open the South America server - TPP Squad.
    • If the server can sustain a suitable population, other modes will be available to play in the order below:
    • TPP [Squad → Solo → Duo] → FPP [Squad → Solo → Duo]

Custom Match

  • We have reduced the time for automatically closing custom match lobbies from 2 hours after creating the lobby to 40 minutes after creating the lobby
    • The host will be given a warning 30 minutes after creating the lobby

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with movement interpolation which could cause other players' movement to be visibly delayed
    • This should reduce instances of desync
  • Fixed an issue where the PUBG Limited Edition Controller DLC item (Male Jacket) would display in an incorrect color

As hardcore PUBG Xbox fans will know, today's update isn't the first designed to tweak the game's movement. Back in August, a patch also went live with a focus on these features. About two weeks ago, players began noticing problems with characters drifting while going straight or dragging in scope or driving. This patch should stabilize those problems and make character traversal feel just as precise as it's been in the past.

Desync and the "Lost Connection to Host" errors have dogged PUBG since launch and continue to do so nearly one year later. While it's nice to see a new update in place to improve these shortcomings, it's easy to see why so many players have grown frustrated with the Xbox build. With just a few weeks to go until PUBG launches on PS4, one can only hope the launch is slightly smoother on Sony's console. This hotfix won't drastically change PUBG , but it does fix some seriously annoying bugs. Also, the gift of free BP never hurts.

PUBG is available now on PC and Xbox One. This update is exclusive to Xbox One.

Have your movement problems for PUBG on Xbox One been solved? Did you get your free BP? Tell us in the comments section!