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‘PUBG’ Xbox Update Fixes Xbox One X Performance, Adds New Skins - Patch Notes

PUBG has a new update on Xbox One designed to fix the game’s chronic performance issues on Xbox One X. The small patch also adds new weapon skins and the ability to exchange distasteful skins for BP. The full patch notes arrive courtesy of an official forum post from PUBG Corporation.


‘PUBG’ Xbox Update Sept. 18 Patch Notes


  • Graphical settings on the Xbox One X have been toned down temporarily to help address framerate issues. The resolution and texture quality will remain the same. We wanted to maintain the quality in overall visuals, so to minimize the difference, we only reduced very specific detailed graphics options like shadowing and reflections.
    • This includes the following changes:
      • Shadow Quality (Both Dynamic/Static) lowered
      • Post Processing
        • Disabled Motion Blur
        • Decrease quality of Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)
        • Disabled off Depth of Field
        • Disabled off Lens Flare
        • Decreased Eyes Adaption Quality
          • This is the time it takes for your eyes to adapt to the dark when you go from a bright to dark place.
      • Effects
        • Disabled Screen Space Reflection (SSR)
          • This is the reflection from windows and such.
        • Disabled Refraction
          • This is refracted light.
        • Disabled Subsurface Scattering (SSS)
          • This is when there is light inside an object to make it look more real.
        • Disabled Particle Light
          • This is dynamic light from different effects such as explosions.
        • Lowered the number of particles created
  • Optimized inventory in the CUSTOMIZATION menu in the lobby to reduce input lag.



  • BP exchange has been added to weapon skins.
    • Pressing the Y button while hovering over the weapon skin in the inventory will exchange that weapon skin for BP.
    • Only one skin at a time can be exchanged for BP. BP exchange price will vary with each item.
    • The preview button has been changed to ≡ button.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Russian and Uzbek languages were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a “Lost connection to host” error would pop up when connecting into a match after previously cancelling matchmaking.

Weapon Skins

PUBG Xbox Update Glory & Trifecta Skins Here are the Glory and Trifecta weapon skins added in today's update for 'PUBG' on Xbox One. PUBG Corporation

  • The below items have been added in STORE -> ITEMS available from:
  • Sept. 22 3 a.m. EDT
    • Glory - AKM
      • This skin will only be available to purchase until:
      • Oct. 22 2:59 a.m. EDT
    • Glory - UMP9
      • This skin will only be available to purchase until:
      • Oct. 22 2:59 a.m. EDT
    • Trifecta - Scar-L
    • Trifecta - Micro UZI
    • Trifecta - P92


PUBG on Xbox One X has been troublesome in the performance department since the game launched last year, and its issues were made more prominent after the 1.0 release earlier this month. Simply put, average framrates have been far from steady and not appropriate for a top-tier shooter that requires an immense amount of precision. Especially when those running the game on less powerful hardware have a smoother experience, the shortcomings have been a constant source of frustration for some. Toning down graphics quality appears to be a temporary stopgap until more sweeping changes can be made.

On the skin side, you can take a look at the latest designs added to the roster as well. The good news is, more skins offer more opportunities to exchange for cosmetics you want. Today’s update isn’t a major oe, but it may be exactly what some fans have been asking for.

PUBG is available now on PC and Xbox One. Today’s update is exclusive to Xbox One.

How do you feel about PUBG’s performance on Xbox One after this update? Do you like the new weapon skins? Tell us in the comments section!

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