Pucker Up, It's Sweeps

Ally McBeal kissed another woman on TV last week, and you know what they call someone like that--a sweeps whore. Every time the networks hit a ratings sweep--November, February and May--TV characters start acting like Hugh Hefner on too much Viagra, running around pawing even more people than usual. It worked for "Ally McBeal," which scored its highest ratings ever. No wonder this sweeps seems unusually hormonal. "Will & Grace" concocted a story last week where two men fondled Grace's breasts, only to laugh it off by saying, "I'm a gay man, so this means nothing." The heat goes on later this month when the silently smoldering Scully and Mulder lock lips on "The X-Files." Though that might not be such a smart move. If "Cheers" and "Moonlighting" are any guide, consummating long-latent relationships can be the kiss of death.

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