Military recruiters are already scrambling to enlist enough soldiers to meet wartime demands. Now they're facing a new obstacle: punk rockers. With militaryfreezone.org, an antiwar band from Pittsburgh, Anti-Flag, has started a campaign against an obscure provision of the No Child Left Behind Act dictating that public-school districts supply high-school students' names, phone numbers and addresses to military recruiters. According to the Department of Defense, info about potential enlistees can significantly reduce recruiting costs, which have nearly doubled, from $6,500 to $11,600 per recruit, in the past decade. Justin Sane, Anti-Flag's spokesman, lead guitarist and lead vocalist, tells NEWSWEEK, "Schools should not be turned into military-recruitment centers." On the Web site, students can read about the provision and a clause preventing the release of personal info if a student requests in writing that it be withheld. The site also has opt-out forms, a petition and a plea urging students to lobby Congress to "fix" the law.