Puppies Re-Enact Iconic 'Lion King' Scene on Owner's Bed in Hilarious Clip

Two puppies have been secretly filmed fighting while their owner was taking a walk with another pet.

In the video posted by @pawrudd on TikTok, the owner explains, "So I'm walking my dog and I left my phone recording in my room because I knew one of the puppies kept getting onto my bed."

The two puppies can be seen fighting on the bed, seeming to re-enact "the scene in The Lion King where Scar is throwing Mufasa over the cliff," according to their owner.

In previous videos, the TikTok user explains that the puppies constantly fight.

Stock image of puppies. A couple of puppies have been caught fighting while their owner's back is turned. Okssi68/Getty Images

How Do I Get My Puppies To Stop Fighting?

According to the pet advice website The Spruce Pets, puppies play fight a lot. They're figuring things out and learning how to interact and socialize with others.

"Puppies learn normal social behavior, what is acceptable and okay and what is not, from interacting with other puppies. This starts even before puppies are weaned from their mother. Healthy play allows a pup to not only build a good foundation of socialization but it also helps them learn body language and other nonverbal behavioral cues," the website says.

It is possible that some puppies may take the play fighting too far, so it's important to look out for body cues.

"Puppies that are engaged in a fight will have markedly different behavioral cues and body language," per The Spruce Pets. "Instead of loose, bounding movements they will become stiff and tense. You may even see their hackles raise up. Instead of a happy, open-mouthed, tongue-lolling face, they will tight-lipped with either a snarl or a low, quiet growl. The ears will become flat and pinned back".

Puppies need constant stimulation, and under-stimulated puppies may fight a little rougher. The Spruce Pets recommends enrolling your puppy in classes at eight weeks old and continuing through adolescence.

Despite the cost and time, they say it's worth it. Puppy training can "provide your puppy with the mental stimulation he/she needs to stave off boredom. It also provides foundation skills (like that simple recall) for controlling your puppy's behavior as well as helping you to better understand what normal puppy/dog behavior is and what normal puppy/dog communication is."

Users were delighted by the scene on TikTok.

Banii Boo wrote, "The fact that his response was to throw her off the bed."

user9013678787282 commented, "Such a wonderful dynamic between these pups."

No Name said, "Bed kinda high, yes? Just saw a TT clip about a pup leaping off a bed and breaking its leg."

Newsweek has reached out to @pawrudd for comment.

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