Puppies Have Tails Amputated After Being Zip-Tied and Abandoned

Three 10-week-old puppies had to have their tails amputated on Monday after they were discovered abandoned and tied with zip ties so tight they were digging into the bone.

The Rottweiler puppies were discovered in a crate in Warren County, Ohio, after they were left out in the cold on Saturday, February 12, Fox 19 Now reported.

Humane Association of Warren County executive director Joanne Hurley said: "Unfortunately, the zip ties were so tight and embedded into the skin and bone that we had to wait for our surgical team."

In a video posted to their Facebook page, one of the workers at the shelter described how the team was "absolutely devastated" to see the condition in which the dogs were in when they arrived at around 1 a.m. on Sunday.

The representative of the shelter in the video, Shelley-Ann, said that the condition of the dogs was so horrific she could not risk showing it.

Following the surgery on the pups to first remove the zip ties and then their tails, an investigation into the abuse of the dogs is now underway in Warren County.

Absolutely  Devastated 😭

The Humane Association believes that whoever left the animals may have more dogs. They could even be part of a backyard breeding operation, WCPO reported.

Hurley told Fox 19 Now: "We believe that this is obviously probably a backyard breeding situation and someone trying to get full-blooded Rott puppies ready to sell. Rotty puppies typically have a docked tail, which should always be done by a veterinarian."

"They probably have a female that's kept pregnant nonstop. These dogs are probably being sold for money," Hurley told WCPO.

Hurley believes that the condition of the crate which held the puppies is evidence that whoever abandoned them wanted the dogs to be found. She explained: "We actually think that someone probably wanted them found, and, at the time they had been dropped. It was very obvious that they had just been dropped because their crate was still very clean."

Hurley said that more information can't be shared as the investigation is still underway. Though the surgery to remove the tails of the pups went well, their carers are waiting to see if they can get their infections under control.

Hurley said that the dogs are playful and loving: "They like to romp and stomp and play. They're in really great spirits."

The Humane Association of Warren County is keeping followers updated on the condition of the Rottweiler pups, which have been named Felix, Louisa, and Bruno, via their Facebook page.

On Thursday the Humane Association posted an update featuring a cheeky and playful Felix investigating the camera and causing chaos.

Rott pup update! Meet felix 🐶

The shelter has asked anyone with information about the pups to call the Warren County dog warden at 513-695-1352, adding that callers' names can be kept confidential.

Rottweiler Pup
A stock image of a Rottweiler puppy. Three Rottweiler pups had to have their tails amputated after they were found abandoned and tightly bound with zip ties. sinseeho/GETTY