Puppy With Rattling Belly Ate Dozens of Pebbles During Beach Trip

A puppy has had surgery to remove dozens of pebbles from its stomach after it ate them during a visit to the beach.

Frankie, a 5-month-old "Staffie" puppy, went to a beach in the southeast England county of West Sussex with her owner and her "Pug sister" Sandy a few weeks ago, South Downs Emergency Vets wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

When her owner lifted her, she was "shocked at the strange sensation that she could feel as she put her hands around her tummy," according to the post.

The owner called the vet, who advised her to take her to their critical care center.

"It was very quickly discovered that Frankie had swallowed no less than an incredible 68 pebbles and she literally felt like a bag of stones!" the post said.

Vet Olivia Lane performed surgery on Frankie to remove the stones, and the dog was sent home and has recovered "very well."

Sandy was later found to have also eaten a number of stones. She had the same operation as Frankie to remove them. Sandy is about 18 months old, according to The West Sussex County Times.

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The vets said: "It is obviously hard to determine what makes a dog decide to eat stones of this quantity. Some dogs and puppies will just eat them, however it is quite possible that on this occasion something had been left on the stones making them a rather tasty treat!"

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs often chew and swallow rocks. This can be for a range of reasons, including eating disorders that may be caused by nutritional deficiencies, and in order to attract their owner's attention. Dogs may also eat rocks as a way to explore their environment through tasting; or because they are bored of their routine, including the toys they play with.

Owners Sam and Charles Turner were on the beach with their young children Isla and Logan when Frankie and Sandy ate the stones.

Sam Turner told The West Sussex County Times Frankie was reluctant to walk on their way home, "but we didn't think much of it."

Frankie went to vomit stones later that evening. Sam Turner said: "I picked the puppy up and as I did so, she literally rattled. You could hear the stones banging together... The vet said she had never seen anything like it."

Sam Turner said the family still walk their dogs on the beach, but has fitted Frankie with a muzzle.

Frankie "still seems to be very interested in the stones," Sam Turner said.

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A stock image shows a staffordshire bull terrier dog. A dog in the U.K. had surgery after it ate dozens of pebbles on a beach. Getty Images