Puppy Sneakily Climbs on Stove Top in Viral Video: 'No Longer Trusted'

The hilarious reason a puppy is no longer allowed in its owner's kitchen has been viewed over two million times in just a day.

Wicked cast member Grace Chapman shared the clip to her TikTok account @grace_chapman11, writing: "Why my puppy is no longer trusted alone in the kitchen," on the screen.

Lola, an 8-month-old Cavapoo, was caught on the kitchen camera climbing onto the counter, and then perching on top of the stove.

To the tune of the Mission Impossible theme song, the King Charles spaniel and poodle mix leaped smoothly onto the counter straight from the flood, before scurrying along to the hob—luckily it wasn't on.

A zoomed-up shot showed her relaxing on the counter with her head resting, seemingly in a daze. Another angle went on to show her in the exact same position, again on top of the stovetop. Lola's resting place of choice meant she could lay her head as she stared into thin air.

"She could at least do the washing up whilst she's up there," commented one viewer.

"[The] dog identifies as a cat," wrote a TikTok user.

"That is the cutest thing ever," commented another.

The video can also be seen in full here.

After gaining over a million views on the post, Chapman took to her TikTok to express her feelings about it all, saying: "So, I've just come home from work and a video that I posted less than 24 hours ago has over a million views. What???"

"Do you wanna meet her?" she asked, showing Lola to the camera, who this time was not on top of the counter.

"Lola is eight months old. She is a Cavapoo so she is part King Charles spaniel, part poodle, and she really likes peanut butter," said Chapman.

Later videos showed her traipsing across the kitchen counters again, this time taking a liking to the sink and sniffing the faucets.

Although Lola was lucky enough that the stove wasn't on, and Chapman has since vowed that she won't be allowed in the kitchen alone, burns are a large danger for dogs in the kitchen, as reported by The American Pit Bull Foundation.

An urgent care and emergency veterinarian Dr. Lori Pennea told the organization that burns commonly occur from hot flat top stoves. Dr. Pennea had recently treated a Great Dane who placed its paws on the top of the stove while looking for food, and has reportedly treated cats for similar injuries. "Flat stovetops burn a lot of feet. Cats don't realize that they are hot at first," she said.

Newsweek has contacted Grace Chapman for comment.

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