Puppy's Pure Bliss After First Taste of Puppuccino Delights Internet

A video that captured a puppy's first taste of a Starbucks Puppuccino was shared to the popular Reddit forum "Aww," where it amassed more than 32,000 votes.

First shared by the Instagram account @bestbud.brodie in December of 2020, the video was reposted by u/Chasith on Monday.

Many viewers shared their appreciation for the clip, but some were concerned about whether the treat—which is whipped cream in a cup— is safe for dogs.

Rachel Hinder, a registered veterinary technician, told Daily Paws that these treats are safe for a healthy dog in moderation.

Australian Border Collie
A sweet video that has since gone viral delighted viewers after it showed a puppy's first taste of a Puppuccino. Above, a stock image of a border collie puppy. Mark Myerson/iStock

"Remember, whipped cream is high in fat, and diets with too much fatty food have been shown to lead to pancreatitis in dogs," she said.

The outlet stated that while the Puppuccino can be a rare treat, dog owners can give them something healthier, like carrots or blueberries.

The American Kennel Club echoed the advice, noting that the treats should be consumed occasionally.

"Some of these items include dairy, sugar or fat which can cause stomach aches or weight gain," the organization noted. "While it is OK for dogs to have a little milk, owners should be cognizant of the symptoms of lactose intolerance."

In the video, Brodie is seen licking the inside of the Starbucks cup with no help needed from his owner.

The cup sat on Brodie's muzzle as he worked to get every last drop of the sweet treat.

At one point, he tipped his head so far back that he fell backward on the seat before the video concluded.

"Those little eyes say it all," a viewer wrote.

"Gettin' whip cream wasted," another commented.

"The eyes look like he's been to heaven," one wrote.

While some viewers criticized the idea of giving the puppy the treat, others jumped in to write that these treats are OK occasionally.

"Treats every once and in a while are just that, treats," one Reddit user wrote. "As long as it's in moderation, why not? My dog gets one after every vet visit. It makes the experience much better for him."

Newsweek reached out to @bestbud.brodie for further comment.

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