Putin Ally Naryshkin Predicts U.S. 'Aggravation' of Russia

Putin ally warns of US aggravation
Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Speaker of the Russian State Duma Sergei Naryshkin attend a session of the State Council at the Kremlin in Moscow May 31, 2013. Yuri Kadobnov/Pool/Reuters

The speaker of Russia's parliament, Sergey Naryshkin, a close ally of president Vladimir Putin, warned of further "aggravation" between Moscow and the West, and accused the U.S. of preparing "political provocations," in a column for national daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta on Monday.

Naryshkin has personal sanctions imposed on him by the European Union because of his perceived closeness to Putin and constitutionally, as speaker of the lower house of parliament, or Duma, he is one of Russia's most important political officials. In his column entitled "August provocations" he highlights that August has been the month when many conflicts have escalated, citing examples such as the start of the First World War and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

"Now, at a time when there is so little calm in the world, we need to be on the lookout for any and all political provocations, hatched from the shores of the Atlantic," Naryshkin writes before giving the example of the recent draft resolution in the U.N. security council to organize an international tribunal into the downing of MH17 last summer. Russia was the only country on the council to veto the draft.

Although the investigation behind it is being carried out by Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Malaysia and Ukraine, and last month Putin called the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to raise his concerns about the draft, Naryshkin accused the U.S. of pushing for the idea.

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"The main instigator, the United States, of which there is no doubt, will not be satisfied," Naryshkin writes, adding that he suspects the West will now find other ways to keep drawing public attention to alleged Russian culpability in the MH17 downing.

"For it is precisely Washington that is interested in instability, which gives the United States time to fuel old disputes and start new. It is for that reason that they needed a new buzz about and around the Boeing disaster, about which fabricated reasons of their own version of the story have long been thrown about."

"I think the US will continue to brainwash people even further with their own, false information, substituting reality with whatever they wish and create new reasons to ignite anti-Russian sentiments in Europe. They have even tried turning the Security Council of the UN into a stage for their propaganda, which has already stretched all imaginable limits. The Russian veto on the subject saved the reputation of the Security Council," Naryshkin wrote

"August has only just begun. However its first events tellingly give a sense of a deeply political autumn. Judging by everything, some act of aggravation is being prepared," Naryshkin writes, adding that Russia expects such behaviour from the West. "I am confident that we will not yield to such provocations," the Duma speaker comments, not clarifying exactly what kind of provocation he is referring to.

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Naryshkin also argued that an international tribunal will be set up eventually but cryptically said it would not be a tribunal into the MH17 case but it will be "on a completely different occasion than its current puppeteers."

Putin Ally Naryshkin Predicts U.S. 'Aggravation' of Russia | World