Putin’s High School Teacher Liked Him So Much, She Left Him Her Apartment

Vladimir Putin has become the proud new owner of an apartment in downtown Tel Aviv after his teacher left it to him in her will.

According to reports in the Jerusalem Post, Putin was left the apartment after renewing a relationship with his high school teacher in St. Petersburg, Mina Yuditskaya Berliner, when he visited Israel in 2005.

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Berliner immigrated to Israel in 1973 after teaching the future Russian president in the Soviet city, then known as Leningrad.

She was reunited with her former student at a reception in Putin’s honor in Jerusalem. Berliner specifically asked to attend the meeting of World War Two veterans in hopes of speaking with Putin; later, he invited her for tea in private.

GettyImages-52729005 Russian President Vladimir Putin in Jerusalem on April 28, 2005. Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

Apparently the two hit it off. Following that meeting, Putin began sending Berliner gifts such as a watch and a signed copy of his biography. Shortly after that, he bought her the apartment.

“I told him all I needed was a flat that would be near the bus station, the market and to kuppat holim [the Israeli healthcare organization)," Berliner told Ynet. “It all happened fast from there on. A few months later, the movers came to my apartment in Florentine, packed everything up and moved me.”

Through the Russian embassy, Putin bought his old teacher the apartment. Now, after her passing, she has left it to him.

When Berliner died, in December, the Russian embassy said a representative would attend her funeral and help with the costs.

In her will, the teacher returned the apartment to Putin through the Russian embassy, which bought the apartment on Pinsker Street, not far from Tel Aviv’s beachfront.

Sometimes, it turns out, it's good to know Vlad.