Python Swallows Pet Cat Whole in Horrifying Incident

A housecat named Hurjun met a horrific end on April 4 when he was apparently suffocated and swallowed whole by a python in the comfort of his Thailand home, according to Mothership. Photographs of the scene posted to Facebook show the snake digesting its meal, its diamond-patterned belly noticeably distended.

In the same post, Hurjun's owner, Kanchi Nard, recounted the tragic series of events, which took place around 3 p.m. local time. She wrote that her daughter had wandered into the backyard in search of Hurjun only to stumble upon an enormous python instead. Her cries of alarm brought Nard herself running. Seeing the conspicuous bulge in the snake's belly, Nard realized Hurjun was "already in his stomach," according to Facebook's translation feature.

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"Mother's heart is about to break. She is shocked. She feels pity for the child. She is very sad. She is speechless. Hurt," she wrote of her immediate reaction, adding that she would "love and miss" Hurjun "forever."

Government officials subsequently removed the python from the property, but they couldn't do anything for Hurjun. In a video clip shared by YouTube channel Thairath, two men can be seen wrangling the massive reptile as it struggles to break free of their clutches.

Later that same day, Nard took to Facebook to mourn her beloved pet. She recounted the afternoon's sad events, thanked the officials for their help, and shared photos of Hurjun in life. In them, the blue-eyed white cat dons a cowboy costume complete with bandanna and a sheriff's badge. Nard's post, which has been shared more than 36,000 times so far, went viral—so much so that Hurjun's untimely death has since been covered by several Thai media outlets.

Twisting the knife further, Nard reported in a follow-up post, an outfit that her mother-in-law had purchased for Hurjun—a blue-and-white-striped shirt and white shorts attached to a pair of fake arms holding a guitar or ukulele—arrived by mail shortly thereafter.

"Daughter is looking at cat's outfit. She looks at Little Ho Jun's photos and she cries," Nard wrote.

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However, a new cat may be joining the family shortly, according to Mothership. In the comments section on Nard's original post, a Facebook user who claims to have a pregnant cat offers Nard one of the kittens in advance.

While the snake's species is not provided in the article, Thailand is home to several constrictors, including Brongersma's blood pythons, Burmese pythons, and reticulated pythons, according to Herping Thailand.

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