Q & A Jack Black

The actor-rocker will host the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 31. He spoke with Devin Gordon about the gig, his upcoming Tenacious D movie and his new son.

Well, I am little zombiefied right now.

Yeah. I know.

Awesome. Samuel's very squishy and pink. Just a very fleshy boy. I love him.

The first one that comes to mind is Julio and Enrique Iglesias. I know they had a very fiery, contentious relationship. I hope me and Samuel can rise above that.

I don't think of it so much as a feather in my cap as a fiery hoop that I must dive through.

Oh, yeah. [ Laughs ] Oh, God. That was embarrassing--but, in retrospect, hilarious. There was also the time when the dude from Rage Against the Machine climbed up the scaffolding and refused to come down. Remember? They had to cut to commercial and call in the funny-farm guys.

Oh, yeah. I mean, it rocks me . I can't promise you're gonna love it as much as I do. But I anticipate that the unveiling will be my proudest moment.

No. You're right. Goddang it. You're tripping me up, man. It ranks among the top three of my proudest moments, OK?

Our recurring feature ... recurs. we stare down the never-ending lava flow of celebrity journalism by relating the hottest news possible in the fewest possible words. This week, Cindy Crawford spills a beauty secret, Mel Gibson seeks redemption and "Survivor" divides contestants by race.


My mole marks beauty,

but that one flaw is enough.

Botox gives good face.


Like the song goes, "I

just called to say I love Jews."

Dad! Hang up the phone!


Reality shows:

Where great ideas thrive. You know,

like segregation.



Let us now make fun of "Snakes on a Plane" and how poorly it did opening weekend (above). "Snakes" had thrilled the Internet! Hollywood just knew it was going to make a ton, even if it stank! And then . . . it bombed. A horror flick called "High-Speed Drill" would have opened bigger. The moral? Just because those Internet boys love something doesn't mean they think it's worth leaving the house for.