Q&A: Ben Stiller, Heartbreaker

Stiller stars in a remake of the 1973 comedy "The Heartbreak Kid," though he called from the set of his next film, "Tropic Thunder." He talked with Nicki Gostin.

In the movie your dad plays your dad. Is there a clause in your contracts that your parents [Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara] have to be in your movies?
Yes, and I'm very proud of that clause. You know, I figure we've always all helped each other out. My mom helped me get an audition for my first job, and it's always great to be around family when you're working.

I love your dad and especially his hair color. It ' s getting lighter and lighter.
Yes, he's always experimenting with new shades. I like the fact that I have more gray hair in this movie than he does.

The movie you ' re making right now, you ' re directing, producing, co-writing and starring in. Are you also doing the catering?
I also handle all the firearms in the movie. I've donated my own personal M-16 collection to the movie.

I read a quote on IMDb [the Internet Movie Database] that says you can be a jerk on the set.
If it's on IMDb it must be real.

Well, is it?
I have no idea. I hope not.

Have you spoken to Owen Wilson recently? How is he doing?
Owen's a really, really good friend of mine and I want to respect his privacy. I care a lot about him. That's about all I can say.