Q&A: Director Garry Marshall

Why has Hollywood started making movies based on vignettes?
It's become a business plan, because you can't get a star for five months anymore. They don't want to do that, and they're expensive. But to get them to do a week or four days, it's much easier.

Does it have to do with the fact that there's no pressure to open a movie?
That's very true. If the movie doesn't do well, it's the director's fault. They're off the hook.

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are in this. Why them? Did you know who they were?
Honestly, I didn't. All I knew about Taylor Lautner, every picture I saw of him, he had his shirt off. So I said, let's do a little different. We'll do a tank top, it'll show enough. Taylor Swift didn't do deep acting, but she popped it well.

Is the romantic comedy dead?
The romantic comedy is dead! I'm out of business! Back on Pretty Woman, they said love stories don't play in Europe and Asia. They were wrong. The business has changed now: overseas is the bigger marketplace, and it's easier to sell an action movie overseas. But two things I'm sure audiences all over the world understand: prostitutes and love.

What's the secret to directing a good sex scene?
The girl. Girls usually like to kiss—they go through life, should I kiss him, shouldn't I kiss him? When they're in the movie, they can say Garry told me to kiss you. The boy is always nervous. Except for Richard Gere, the best kisser in the country.

How do you know that? Did you kiss him yourself?
We're very close, but I didn't get the chance.