Q&A: Mario Lopez Suits Up in Women's Lingerie

Mario Lopez is a busy guy these days. Not only is he the host of Extra, but he's reprising his role as Dr. Mike Hamoui on Nip/Tuck, which returns for its sixth and final season on Wednesday. Oh, yeah, and he also has those impressive abs to maintain. He spoke with Nicki Gostin.

Why are you wearing women's lingerie in the first episode of the new season of Nip/Tuck?
Whoa! That's a way to start off! Well, you know, I'm actually not in the first episode, its a little way into it. I don't start off as strong. It's a racy, edgy show. Just when I think, "Oh, they've gone too far, it goes a little further." My character has innocence about him yet he's willing to go there to be a little edgy himself and go against his beliefs a little and have a little more fun and get sexy.

Do you know what size you are in lingerie?
No, I don't remember paying attention to it too much. Just kind of threw it on. It felt like a Halloween costume.

What do you think your best feature is?
In lingerie?

Yeah, your legs, your bottom…
Definitely not my feet. I felt like my feet were too big for those heels. But I would say, I was getting a lot of compliments from the ladies on my behind.

You have amazing abs. How many sit-ups do you do a day?
It's funny because the stuff in the magazines always makes me laugh. I really don't have a particular abs workout. I just do all different workouts. If I'm eating a little healthier that day, I'm not looking to stick to the midsection.

Come on. Those shirtless photos have to make you happy. Those abs are brilliant.
Thank you. That's very sweet of you. I don't know what to say. I guess I'll take the compliment.

You did a nude scene in Nip/Tuck last year. Was that you or a double?
No, no, that was me. I thought it was just going to be a quick shot, but it turned out to be a slow, sort of soft-porn kind of deal. It looked kind of crazy. It was in slow motion. At first I was a little shy about it, but then you know we had a female director and a lot of the crew is female. After a while I felt very comfortable. You're there wet and naked all day; you can't help but get chummy with everyone.

You've written a book with your sister.
I'm really excited about that. It's called Mud Tacos. It's a children's book, basically telling the stories of my sister and me growing up. She has a little boy and girl the same age difference as my sister and me. It got us thinking of our stories. We're trying to get kids to use their imaginations. We used to build mud tacos in our grandmother's backyard. The leaves were the taco shells, the mud was the meat, and the worms were the cheese. It's kind of sprinkled with our culture throughout. So far it's got a great response.

Did you guys actually write it?
Yeah! It's all speaking from our experiences. It's really from the heart. My mom is really proud.

Do you think Jimmy Fallon is upset that you guys did the Saved by the Bell reunion cover for People?
People magazine had asked me to do it when I was on the cover for hottest bachelor of the year or whatever. They ran it by me, and I said, 'Yeah, it's a good idea.' And I spoke to the others, and it worked out well. Jimmy's a great guy, but it was hard enough to co-ordinate everyone's schedule to do the People shoot.

Wait, you organized the cover?
Well, I mentioned it to everyone.

Do you hang out with them?
It's kind of like high school. You try to see each other when you can. Everyone has their own life and is doing their own thing, but I'm so happy to see them when I do.

Have you read Dustin Diamond's (Screech) book?
I have not.

From what I've read, he's not very nice about you.
At this point I don't think he's very nice about anyone. He's had his struggles, and I feel sorry for him. I hope he's going to be alright, he's had his share of problems.

Did you ever think he would be so bitter?
No, you just don't know with those things. I don't wish anyone any harm. God bless him.

You're also on Extra.
It's a lot of fun. It's like a dream job. I love hosting, even if it's a BBQ party at my house. I get to talk to all the people I look up to and really like.

Ever get sick of hearing someone plug their movie?
No, because we'll get that out of the way and then I'll ask them whatever I want to ask them. We'll just have a conversation.

Do you have a lot of BBQs at home?
I do. I either grill or bartend. I like having game night at my house. I like Pictionary, Scattergories. I'm a big game-board lover. I must say I am not bad at them.

Are you dating anyone?
Just my show, Extra. That's my serious relationship right now.

Doesn't your mom want you to settle down?
My mom likes that I'm very busy and is supportive. She leaves in it God's hands. I'm just working on becoming Mr. Right, not necessarily working on finding Mrs. Right.

Awww, that's sweet. How are you working on that?
To learn as much as I can from others, being patient, growing as a man, building some spiritual muscle, not just physical muscle.

Do you go to church?
Every week. Nice Catholic boy.

What about confession?
I don't go to confession because I'm usually working when the confession booth is open. But I confess every night in my head because if I waited all week, it'd be too much. God would be overwhelmed.