Q&Amp;A: Ricky Gervais

After two seasons of co-writing, co-directing and starring in pretty much the funniest TV show ever, there was only one thing to do: pull the plug. Susannah Meadows talked to the star of "The Office" about the importance of going out on top.

Please let there be more episodes. Do it for the children.

I've been let down myself by sitcoms that went bad after a few seasons. I'm never sorry to leave the party early.

But won't the upcoming American version ruin everything?

That's like David Bowie worrying about people covering his songs. There are terrible versions of Charles Dickens on the telly, but they don't say, "He's going downhill, that Charles Dickens." I've just compared myself to Charles Dickens and David Bowie. "He's not only an arrogant man, but a verbose bore."

How can you be so unvain? Isn't it awful watching yourself?

Unfortunately, I am shaped like that.

No, no, I like your figure. I'm talking about Brent's make-you-squirm personality.

I know some actors don't like portraying a twit. But the joy of that is I can say that's not really like me. I'm stuck with the physicality, but I can assure you I don't really dance like that. It's the strangest man I've ever seen on television. Then I realize that's me.

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