QAnon Followers Excited by Mike Pompeo 'Checkmate' Photo

Supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory have got excited in a way only they know how after Mike Pompeo tweeted a photo of him playing chess while eating dried pineapple.

The tweet from Pompeo on Sunday night appears to be in support of Taiwan after China banned Taiwanese pineapple imports citing "harmful creatures" that could affect its own crops, which Taiwan leaders argue is more of a political move than any agricultural concerns.

"As a proponent of freedom, enjoying some Taiwanese dried pineapple. Checkmate," Pompeo tweeted while showing a photo of him playing a game of chess.

For QAnon supporters, the tweet and picture has nothing to do with international trade disputes, and instead is a coded reference which justifies their beliefs and proof that yet another prediction for their so-called "plan" may still come true.

A major part of the QAnon movement is deciphering coded messages which first appeared on 4chan, before later moving to 8chan and 8kun, from a mysterious figure known as "Q" who they believed to have high-level security clearance from the government.

These messages, also known as drops or "crumbs," were seen as clues which were then interpreted to form the basis of what the conspiracy theorists believe, including that there exists a cabal of satanic pedophiles and "deep state" which Donald Trump would expose during his time as president.

Since October 2017, thousands of these messages appeared online, with the frequency drastically slowing down when Trump lost the election in November.

There hasn't been a new message since December 8, with a recent HBO series on QAnon concluding that the person who played a major part in writing the messages was not someone with high-level security clearance from the government but actually Ron Watkins, the former administrator of 8kun.

The lack of new drops appearing, or the suggestion their leader is actually an infamous internet troll whose site hosted child pornography, has not affected QAnon.

Instead of waiting for new messages to guide them, their supporters merely decipher the catalogue of thousands already online to suit their needs, including attempts to suggest world events were long predicted by Q.

In this case, QAnon supporters were excited about Pompeo's use of "checkmate" because the word appears in a drop from May 2020, albeit in a very vague passage about chess tactics.

Others also got excited about the placement of Pompeo's pieces on the chessboard.

"If this isn't comms, I don't know what is. He literally won the game with his Knight on D5," one widely shared post QAnon Telegram account with nearly 15,000 subscribers wrote.

The account later clarified his post to note that Pompeo has not in fact won the game despite his checkmate comment, but "the Queen is in danger."

For QAnon, D5 is one of a number of phrases, slogans, and mixture of numbers of letters which they see in everyday life and interpret as a nod to their movement.

D5 is meant to reference December 5, a date which QAnon supporters believed for the past few years would see a day of reckoning to show they were right. Again, the reason for this is Q referencing D5 in a number of his drops in late 2018.

The specifics of what might occur on December 5 was never stated, but QAnon supporters still eagerly awaited the day each year since 2018.

Just like hundreds of failed predictions from QAnon, such as Trump carrying mass executions of satanic pedophiles at Joe Biden's inauguration or returning as president on March 4, no such major QAnon event has happened in December.

Despite this, some influential QAnon advocates are still choosing to see Pompeo's post on Twitter as significant using their own distorted interpretations of world events.

"If Mike Pompeo's latest tweet isn't comms then I don't know what is," wrote the Telegram account Pepe Lives Matter, which has more than 63,000 subscribers.

"Pompeo's checkmate tweet increased my hopium levels by a factor of 17," it added. The number 17 is significant in QAnon world because Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

"What Pompeo is showing is that his next move from D5 to F6 will give him total control of the board, including the most important center of the board to dictate the moves going forward to Checkmate!" another QAnon supporter wrote in a Telegram channel with more than 72,000 subscribers.

"The position of the board is also showing that no matter what the other side does, Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming...even though the other side has all their pieces still in the game!"

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference held in the Hyatt Regency on February 27, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. QAnon supporters have got excited in a way only they know how after former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted a photo of him playing chess. Joe Raedle/Getty Images