Men Accused of Plotting Attack on Philadelphia Vote Counting Site Support QAnon: Reports

Two men who were arrested in Philadelphia after police received a tip-off that they were plotting an attack on the Pennsylvania Convention Center—where election votes are still being counted—are supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory, according to reports.

The suspects, who have not been identified, were detained after police were told that they were traveling from Virginia in a Hummer vehicle armed with AR-15s, reported NBC Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a Hummer fitting the description was found unoccupied in the 200 block of North 13th Street just after 10:20 p.m. Thursday night, a short distance away from the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

NBC reports that weapons were recovered from the car, but did not specify which ones, and that two people were transferred to Central Detectives.

Pictures taken by a Philadelphia Inquirer photographer show that the vehicle displayed a number of QAnon decals, including a large "Q" and a sticker reading #WWG1WGA,"—an abbreviation of the QAnon slogan 'where we go one we go all.'"

Sky News producer Leo Lord-Jones photographed the hummer on Friday morning along with the stickers expressing support for the radical conspiracy theory that believe that Donald Trump is waging a secret war against the "deep state" and Satan-worshipping pedophiles, which include high-profile Democrats.

Lord-Jones also posted a photo of a hat on the alleged plotter's dashboard which has "QAnon" written on it.

"Safe to say he was a follower," he tweeted.

QAnon decals on back window of Hummer parked near Pa. Convention Center and under investigation after police got a tip that occupants were armed and targeting the Convention Center where vote-counting in presidential election is underway.

— Robert Moran (@RobertMoran215) November 6, 2020

QAnon hat resting on the dashboard of the alleged attacker’s car in #Philadelphia . Safe to say he was a follower.

— Leo Lord-Jones (@leolordjones) November 6, 2020

According to Fox News correspondent Aishah Hansie, the suspects told police about a second vehicle with long guns inside after they were pulled over in a hummer from out of state while armed with guns. The case is now being investigated by the FBI.

QAnon was listed by the FBI as a domestic terror threat in August 2019.

No injuries were reported and no further details about the alleged plot were released. Philadelphia Police have been contacted for comment.

The alleged attack plot arrived as eyes remain focused on the Pennsylvania Convention Center with the election still not decided.

There have been protests and gatherings outside the center as Trump continues to give baseless claims that there is widespread vote fraud occurring and the election is being "stolen" by the Democrats because completely legal votes are still being counted.

The Associated Press (AP) has declared that Joe Biden is now leading in Pennsylvania as the center is near completion of counting millions of mail-in ballots. On Wednesday morning, Trump was several hundred thousands votes ahead of Biden, but the mail-in ballots were still being processed as the state does not begin counting until election day.

Biden is currently on 264 electoral votes, according to AP, meaning he will be declared president if he goes on to take Pennsylvania or any of the other states that are still undecided.

(File photo) A person's car references the QAnon conspiracy theory identified by the FBI as a domestic terror threat before a campaign rally for U.S. President Donald Trump on October 19, 2020 in Prescott, Arizona. Two men were arrested after police received a tip-off that they were plotting an attack on the Pennsylvania Convention Center. They are reportedly supporters of QAnon. Getty

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