QAnon Supporters Express Boredom With 'Same Old' Trump Speech: 'This Is Getting Ridiculous'

Both QAnon and longtime supporters of former President Donald Trump criticized his Saturday night speech in Wellington, Ohio, accusing him of the "same-old, same-old" grievances against Democrats and his 2020 election loss to President Joe Biden.

QAnon supporters, some of whom are the former president's most fanatical online backers, sent a barrage of messages through the Telegram app that expressed boredom and even anger at the speech Trump described as "the very first rally of the 2022 election." They blasted Trump for not mentioning how his January 6 insurrection supporters are "rotting in jail." And numerous others said Trump should be booed by the Ohio rallygoers for even "bringing up the word 'vaccine,'" specifically because they believe COVID-19 was entirely a hoax.

But a majority of the top QAnon user comments simply expressed their outright boredom with Trump's post-election stump speech, in which he baselessly claimed to have won in November 2020 and blasted any dissenting GOP members as "traitors."

"I'm 100% with the dude, but literally switched from his speech 3 mins ago. Im [sic] done with his speeches," wrote QAnon user Jacob.

"Judging by the Trump-supporting normies I live with, they were bored with his speech," wrote another QAnon user. "I support Trump but this is getting ridiculous."

"Love President Trump. But, if I'm being honest, it's a lot of the 'same old-same old,' we've all heard a thousand times before," wrote Annmarie Calabro.

Some of Trump's more mainstream critics and former supporters also appeared to have grown tired of the former president using his rally platform to blast the same figures, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Ohio GOP Congressman Anthony Gonzalez. Trump also painted a dire picture of the current state of America, claiming that the country is falling apart without his so-called leadership.

"Murders, rapes, rioting, looting, stolen elections happening everywhere, all the time, nonstop in America. Nothing but carnage. Everywhere you look," Trump said Saturday night, prompting former Illinois GOP Congressman Joe Walsh to quote him, adding: "That's about it. I'm gonna go play with the dogs."

Several political pundits accused Trump of being unable to read off his teleprompter during the Ohio rally speech Saturday night. The Bulwark publication noted that Trump even attacked U.S. military leaders.

"In one of the only original passages in his Ohio speech, he criticized 'woke generals' and claimed that 'our military will be incapable of fighting and incapable of taking orders.' America's 'military brass have become weak and ineffective leaders,'" the publication noted.

Newsweek reached out to the former president's "Save America" super PAC Sunday morning for comment.

donald trump ohio rally speech
Former President of United States Donald Trump speaks to crowd gathered at the Lorain County Fair Grounds in Wellington, Ohio, United States on June 26, 2021. Trump held a rally in Wellington for the first time since the January 6. ANADOLU AGENCY / Contributor/Getty Images