Cordelia Couldn't Rescue Queenie From Hotel Cortez as Gabourey Sidibe Returns To 'American Horror Story'

It was never a secret that American Horror Story: Apocalypse would be a crossover of Murder House and Coven, but some fans were shocked when Hotel was also included.

Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe), a witch from Coven, was killed during the Hotel season when she checks into the Cortez. She is attacked by Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett) and finished off by James March (Evan Peters). Even though she has powers, they are unless on ghosts, which is why March is able to kill Queenie. Most were confidant Queenie's death was final, but Episode 4 of Apocalypse showed more of Queenie's backstory.

Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson) reveals she tried to break Queenie out of the Hotel Cortez. After all, people can check in but they can never leave. No matter what Cordelia tried to do, she was unable to remove Queenie from the hotel.

"I went immediately to bring her back from the monstrous place and I had no illusions that it would be easy. The Cortez is a place of evil, a hell mouth," Cordelia explains to the counsel of warlocks.

"I could hear the souls screaming in the walls desperate for a way out. I realized the hotel wasn't merely haunted," she adds.

Cordelia tried everything she could. "We went through every door and every window but we couldn't' escape the hotel. All my spells and incantations were useless in that realm," she says. The witches need light for their powers, but in the Hotel Cortez they were "extinguished by Satan himself," she says.

"My effort to rescue Queenie is by far my greatest failure as supreme but I tried and I do care about all of our people," Cordelia confesses. "All of our people."

Cordelia closes the counsel, even after she's accused of being a bigot and not wanting a male supreme.

While Cordelia wasn't able to free Queenie, someone else was.

Cordelia is the Supreme. End of discussion. #AHSApocalypse

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Michael Langdon (Cody Fern), who might potentially be a warlock, visits the hotel. March is impressed with Langdon, saying even though he's alive he has a special connection with the dead. Langdon tells Queenie he must leave with her, though she isn't exactly thrilled to go. March reveals she doesn't really have a choice and she takes Langdon's hand. She doesn't plan to be gone long, telling March she'll be back.

After visiting Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) in her personal hell, Langdon returns with both Madison and Queenie.

Cordelia, who had been fighting with warlocks about Langdon potentially being the supreme, is shocked when she sees Queenie and Madison with him and faints.

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