The Queen's 90th Birthday: Prince Charles Reads Moving Shakespeare Reading

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince George and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge pose during a Royal Mail photoshoot for a stamp sheet to mark the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, in 2015. Royal Mail/Getty

The Prince of Wales made a special tribute to his mother by reading an edited passage from William Shakespeare's Henry VIII.

"Good grows with her! In her days, every man shall eat in safety

Under his own vine, what he plants, and sing

The merry songs of peace to all his neighbours

God shall be truly known, and those about her

From her shall read the perfect ways of honour

And by this claim their greatness, not by blood"

The verse ends:

"She shall be, to the happiness of England,

An aged princess. Many days shall see her,

And yet no day without a deed to crown it"

He personally chose his reading in consultation with Greg Doran, Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company. It also serves as tribute to William Shakespeare whose 400th anniversary is being celebrated this month.