Quora: Are Millennials Lazy Workers?

Most millennials are choosing college and careers over marriage and family planning.
Newlyweds make their way on foot to their wedding banquet as the street was blocked due to a protest against the investiture of acting Prime Minister and Popular Party leader Mariano Rajoy in Madrid, Spain on October 29, 2016. A April 2017 BGSU study found millennials were getting married at a decreasing rate. Paul Hanna/REUTERS

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Answer from Drew Reggie, Co-Founder of Digital Press:

3 Ways Millennials Could Be More Productive At Work

I was born in 1989—early enough to have lived plenty of life without smartphones (and therefore instant access to answers and information), but late enough to have grown up in a very dynamic and informed world. I'm a Millennial. And while I understand how things were done before me, I've been groomed to be impatient, to expect immediate results.

Millennials, as a generation, are impatient. But why wouldn't we be? And we're probably a little entitled, too. But there's a reason we're this way. There's a reason we think we know more than generations before us. We've had access to all the answers for most of our lives. We didn't have to get out there and tap on shoulders or ask for help. Our thumbs can produce expert insights in seconds.

So why are Millennials frustrated at work, and how can they be more productive?

1. We're Told How To Do Everything

It's becoming a classic case: a Millennial is hired for an entry-level position, told exactly how to do their mundane tasks, and put on autopilot for a few years before being considered for a promotion.

That's not how to motivate a Millennial. That's not how you leverage a Millennial's innate knowledge of technology, or how to bring positive change to your organization.

If I had a dime for every time I heard the same complaint from a friend: "They're in the Stone Age. They're spending so much more money than they should be, they're processes are ancient."

Try listening to your Millennial employees. Give them some freedom. Even if it's just a weekly hour-long brainstorm session. Get some whiteboards and markers, put your team in a nice creative space, and see what they come up with. Provide time to be creative. Take full advantage of young minds in your office. And listen to suggestions.

2. We're Not Given Training We Want

How do you train your Millennials? Do you provide manuals? Or training videos? Or a series of instructional meetings? Stop.

Millennials want mentors.

They want to spend time with and receive feedback from someone they respect, who they think can actually teach them something. Because the reality is, Millennials may have grown up with all the answers, and we may know our way around the Internet better than previous generations, but we still recognize the importance of real life experience. We just don't want to learn it from a stack of papers or a PDF.

3. We're Locked In A Cage

More than ever, Millennials prioritize life experiences and travel over compensation, this is old news now. We appreciate creative workspaces and thrive in them, and we like freedom.

If you want to keep your Millennial employees motivated, loosen the leash a bit. Give them some freedom to work from a coffee shop a couple days a week. A strong sense of independence goes a long way. The first perk I hear of from friends with a great new job is: "I get to work three days a week remotely and I have three weeks paid vacation!" It's not as much about pay. It's freedom. Millennials thrive with a laptop, not in a cubicle.

Of course it depends on the industry you're in and the individuals you hire, but Millennials can absolutely be your best employees. Give them time to be creative, give them a mentor, and cut them loose. The resulting productivity and innovative thinking just might surprise you.

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