Quora Question: Clinton on Why Sanders Voters Should Back Her

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listens during a discussion on gun violence prevention with family members of victims at the Wilson-Gray YMCA in Hartford, Connecticut, on April 21. She vowed to push for stronger gun-control legislation if she becomes president. Adrees Latif/Reuters

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Answer by Hillary Clinton, senator, secretary of state, 2016 presidential candidate:

I respect Senator Sanders. We were colleagues in the Senate. I'm glad that his campaign has inspired so many people to get involved in the political process. That's absolutely fantastic for our country. And in terms of where he and I stand on the issues: Throughout this primary, Senator Sanders and I have had a passionate debate about a lot of things, and I'm proud of that—but our differences pale in comparison to what we're seeing from the other side.

If you care about raising the minimum wage, cracking down on Wall Street, protecting and expanding women's health and rights, standing with the LGBT community, fixing our broken immigration system, ending the era of mass incarceration, making it easier for more people to have a voice in our democracy, or so many other issues that Senator Sanders and I have both campaigned on with gusto, I hope you'll vote for me. Because every one of those issues is at stake in this election. Donald Trump would yank us backward on every one of these fronts.

At the end of the day, whether or not you support me, as president, I'll support you.

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Quora Question: Clinton on Why Sanders Voters Should Back Her | U.S.