Quora Question: What Are Some Mind-Blowing Technologies That Will Be Available to Us in the Next 10 Years?

Rebekah Marine, a model who has a bionic arm, presents a creation from Anna's Loud during New York Fashion Week September 13. Andrew Kelly/Reuters

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Answer from Tommy Seros:


We now have the ability to wear bionic hands that are controlled by our brains. Through neuroscience, people without hands or those who have no ability to move their hands can now control them with their brain.

This advancement essentially recreates the nervous system in the bionic hand by using the brain's signals to control the artificial hand. The limitations on this are nonexistent when you begin to think about bionic legs, muscles, arms, etc. It seems as if we have created the Terminator with our modern advancements in technology. Although it may not be mind-blowing to many people at first, just imagine the challenge of turning a human hand into a bionic robot that is controlled by nerves that get messages from our brains.

Just imagine not having a hand, and going through your daily life without mobility in your hands and fingers. Then one day you discover that modern science has uncovered a solution to your disability. I can only imagine how many lives this will transform as it becomes available, and I must say that the technology behind it is in fact mind-blowing.

Pretty insane when you think about it, but also very beneficial to those who will use this technology to gain the ability to use their extremities.

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