Quora Question: Why the NRA Opposes Gun Control Legislation

Firearms line the shelves in the gun library at the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms National Tracing Center. Jonathan Ernst / REUTERS

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Answer from Josh DiGiorgio, founder of Terramorphosis Studios:

The NRA operates under the assumption that the following idiom is correct in regard to gun control legislation: "Give an inch, take a mile."

They also represent a large body of the American population (44 percent) who feel that current gun laws are either adequate or too strict. Additionally, the NRA represents the business interests of firearms manufacturers which are under constant legal and financial threat for manufacturing and selling their products to distributors via new regulations and civil suits.

So, why does the NRA oppose even the most minor of restrictions? Well, define minor. Some of the most recently proposed restrictions include:

There exists a growing number of Americans, especially those in high places, who are increasingly inclined to the European school of thinking in which firearm ownership is generally prohibited/strictly regulated for all citizens and reserved for law enforcement and military entities. These people conceal themselves under the guise of "reasonable" or "common sense" gun law reform organizations. Each legislative or judicial victory brings them a little bit closer to their goal. In gun control strongholds like California, they've done well for themselves. But, let's face a simple truth here. Gun violence in America is not going to end until firearm possession and purchase are completely prohibited. Being a proponent of gun rights requires the NRA and its members to accept that the price for this freedom is that, every year, some people are going to die for it.

The reason that the NRA generally opposes restrictions that are marketed as being "minor" is because they understand the end game of the legislative and judicial fight over guns in America. The end game is to prohibit firearm ownership or water it down so much that it is, in essence, prohibited.

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