Quora Question: Why Republicans Are Voting for Hillary

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during her California primary night rally held in the Brooklyn borough of New York City on June 7. There, she claimed victory against her one-time rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Lucas Jackson/Reuters

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Answer from John Fernandez:

Let me point out that I've already voted for Trump in the primaries. I was one of the 10,393 Republicans in New York City who voted for Trump, where he actually lost to Kasich. Here was my ballot (before I filled it out):

Let me also note that I've been a registered Republican since 1996. I'm a Republican, generally, because I believe in less government, but government excelling when it does get involved. Above all else, I want a government which is going to resist involvement unless necessary, but when it is necessary, do the job well and at reasonable expense.

There's three pretty important components to this:

  • Competency. Hillary went to Yale Law School, was the first lady of Arkansas and the US., and then started her own political career in the Senate, then as secretary of state, and now as a presidential candidate. Trump went to Wharton, went into real estate, casinos, golf courses, beauty pageants and then his own brand, ending up with Trump University, Trump Steaks and things like The Apprentice. Clinton has shown she has the ability to successfully manage government projects. Trump never has; in fact, he's never tried.
  • Fiscal conservatism. Look, I get it that in my lifetime the most fiscally conservative presidents have been Clinton and Obama. But come on, compare these two reports: Adding Up Secretary Clinton's Campaign Proposals So Far vs. Adding Up Donald Trump's Campaign Proposals So Far. (I'm a pretty big fan of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and have found them to be pretty in line with my views.) This chart is just comically stupid—the impact of Trump to our debt would be completely fatal, while either way Clinton won't really hurt things:
  • Leadership. Here's the reality of being president, you can't do it all yourself. Even if you could take many of these issues by yourself (and by the way, if you could, I'd still be partial to Hillary), the government is so large that you need an incredibly vast network of competence to manage the over 4 million federal employees. You need to inspire, motivate and delegate. Anyone who has worked in a company knows that the ego-driven CEO is going to lose each and every time to the competency-driven CEO. Just look at how much Trump is focused on him, while Clinton is focused on everyone.

Here's another way to think about it: are you most interested in a president's ceiling or a president's floor?

Best case for Trump: He's the shot in the arm America needs economically, with his pro-U.S. business stance somehow helping both U.S. businesses and not harming foreign businesses. It turns out China and Russia were bluffing, and Trump calls their bluffs and considerably weakens the bluster they've been making for years. Solves the ISIS issue, and makes bad dictatorships globally like North Korea and others overturn and install democracies. Does actually hire the "best people" in government.

Best case for Clinton: She continues the upward trajectory Obama has had for the past eight years. Ensures the Supreme Court is liberal for a generation, successfully passes Wall Street reform in a way which weakens the too big to fail banks, and helps workers and the economy grow. Wins back congress and actually gets Washington moving again instead of this obstructionist detente.

Worst case for Trump: He literally destroys everything. U.S. economy in the tank, our military sent into multiple unwinnable battles, terrorism increases at home and abroad due to his raging against "Islamic fundamentalism." Talented minds from abroad stop coming to the U.S, and even worse, we suffer a brain drain to other countries (yay Canada, Europe and Asia!) Takes a generation to recover.

Worst case for Clinton: Economy stagnates a bit, sliding us back into a recession, the Republicans take a firmer grip of Congress in 2018, bureaucracy goes up a bit, and she's a one-term president.

This is government, not Yahoo. If we were talking about the latter, a hail-mary-type candidate like Trump running it might be the type of genius move that could pay off—if it fails, you're probably dead anyway. We can't take that risk for our country. Electing Trump makes us no better than any country who picked a charismatic leader. It's one of those "I seriously consider leaving the USA" votes. Then again, we just saw an isolationist, ignorant, xenophobic vote go the wrong way in the UK. Let's hope that doesn't happen here.

Vote for Trump, things might be good, but it's hard to imagine. You can, however, very easily see him seriously damaging the government.

Hillary has an easy upside path, and the downside path is less small.

I'm going to protect the downside. I'm with her.

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