Daily 'Quordle' for May 24: #120 Answer and Hints To Solve Puzzle

Quordle, often dubbed "Wordle on steroids," is considered to be a more intimidating version of the famous brain teaser that has taken the internet by storm.

Players searching for more of a challenge are drawn to Quordle, which was created in January, and gives users nine attempts to guess four unique five-letter words daily—rather than Wordle's six attempts for a single five-letter word.

Similar to The New York Times' word game and internet sensation Wordle, a green tile in Quordle indicates that a player has guessed a letter in the right place, a yellow tile means a player has chosen a letter that features in the answers of the day, but in the wrong place. Finally, a gray tile means that the letter is not in the answer at all.

The daily brain teaser works differently to Wordle in that users enter their guess for all four words simultaneously. Players find it helpful to pick a word that has as many vowels as possible in their first guess.

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Quordle Origins

The word puzzle was born after the successful release of Wordle last year, which inspired a number of other daily brain teasers, including a slightly rude version called Lewdle, and a number version called Nerdle.

The daily word game is free to access at Quordle.com.

According to the puzzle's developer, more than two months ago, the game had more than 500,000 daily players, while more than two million had visited the website to play the game since it was first released.

Jack Terry, account manager at PR agency Red Setter, previously told Newsweek that he, like millions of others, plays Quordle for a challenge.

"As a long-time fan of words and puzzles, this perfectly scratched that itch of testing my knowledge and logic, as well as my vocabulary," he said.

"Almost instantly, I was sharing results with friends—it got to a point where I actually created a WhatsApp group where my friends and I would share our results for the day.

"Through this, I discovered the likes of Quordle, Octordle, Lewdle and Nerdle. We still share our results each day, trying to one-up each other."

Scroll down with caution, as Quordle fans will find spoilers for today's four answers at the bottom of this article.

Quordle #120 May 24 Hints And Tips

The Quordle solutions for Tuesday, May 24 are a challenging mix of words that may require some hints from Newsweek.

  • Hint 1: Quordle #120's first answer begins with the letter O, and is defined as "in an odd manner" by Merriam-Webster dictionary.
  • Hint 2: The second answer also contains the vowel O, and its synonyms include bravery, courage, fearlessness, braveness and heroism.
  • Hint 3: Solution three for today's word puzzle contains the vowels E and A, and rhymes with bread.
  • Hint 4: This Quordle answer is edible, often sweet, and is the product of a tree or other plant.

Quordle #120 Answers

If you are still finding today's Quordle for Tuesday, May 24 tough to crack, Newsweek has the answers for Quordle #120 below.

  • Answer 1: Oddly
  • Answer 2: Valor
  • Answer 3: Stead
  • Answer 4: Fruit