Quotes Of The Week: August 4--15, 2008

" Thanks for the endorsement, white-haired dude, and I want America to know that I ' m, like, totally ready to lead. "
Socialite Paris Hilton, in a spoof of GOP candidate John McCain's attack ad in which images of rival Barack Obama were shown with photos of Hilton to suggest that Obama is a lightweight celebrity

" They have pollution in Los Angeles, and if the Olympics were in Los Angeles, we would probably wear these masks, too. "
U.S. cyclist Mike Friedman, apologizing after the International Olympic Committee criticized him and other cycling team members after they arrived in smoggy Beijing wearing protective face masks

" These images would clearly establish an improper use of the Red Cross emblem. "
International Committee of the Red Cross official Dominik Stillhart, on leaked video of a July hostage-rescue operation in which Colombian troops fooled FARC guerrilla kidnappers by displaying the Red Cross—a violation of the Geneva Conventions

" I dream of the day, some day, when everyone can afford to clone their pet. "
Bernann McKinney, a California woman who paid a South Korean scientist close to $50,000 to clone her deceased pit bull, Booger

" The military is a wild card now. "
Babar Sattar, a constitutional lawyer in Pakistan, on whether the Army will fight an attempt by the new coalition government to impeach President Pervez Musharraf