R. Kelly Accuser Asante McGee Challenges Singer to Take a Lie Detector Test

R. Kelly has long denied accusations of his alleged sexual misconduct and abuse of young women and girls. Now one of his alleged victims wants him to prove his supposed innocence by taking a polygraph test on live television.

Asante McGee, one of the many women featured in Lifetime's docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, which exposed the singer's longstanding history of alleged abuse, suggested Kelly take a lie detector test while speaking with TMZ in a video interview on Monday.

"I would challenge him to do a lie detector test on a live television show like Good Morning America, Today. So if you're going to prove your innocence and say we're all lying, which I know we're not, I challenge him to a lie detector test—live, not one that we can't see the results," McGee said.

Although McGee believed a polygraph would silence the doubts surrounding claims of Kelly's sexual misconduct, the 38-year-old said folks discontinuing their support of Kelly's music in the meantime could potentially start the downfall of the musician's glorified career.

"I think it would take for people to stop supporting him and realize what he's doing and hold him accountable for his actions. At the end of the day, whatever's being said is true. These girls are unable to contact their family. And if anyone has seen the docuseries has seen each one of us had our own story and have had our own experience with R. Kelly," McGee said.

Kelly has long been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior and abuse of young women and girls, starting with his short-lived marriage to late singer Aaliyah Haughton, whom he married in 1994 when she was 15 years old. He was 27 at the time.

Kelly almost faced legal consequences after a videotape of the performer having sex and urinating on a girl believed to be 14 was released in 2002. However, a jury found him not guilty.

Then in 2017, Buzzfeed released a scathing report detailing parents' claims that Kelly was operating a sex cult and holding young women against their will in his homes in Atlanta and Chicago. Kelly's lawyer responded to the report immediately, denying the allegations.

Kelly's legal team released a letter to Lifetime requesting the network not to air the six-part documentary. Lawyers for Kelly threatened to sue the network if it failed to oblige. Lifetime aired the series anyway from Thursday to Saturday.