Raccoons Trash Woman's Home After One Fell Through Bedroom Ceiling: 'I'll Need New Sheets'

Several raccoons fell into a woman's bedroom through the roof above it, and she documented how they trashed her room in a viral thread on Twitter before they were humanely removed.

"I came home from New York and a raccoon fell through the roof above my bedroom," the first tweet read, with a picture of one raccoon and the hole in the bedroom ceiling.

Twitter user Haley Iliff (@haley_iliff) shared the experience of having raccoons in her home on Twitter with both videos and photos.

Iliff says that she and her roommate were waiting for someone to help remove the raccoons since 5 p.m. on Friday. She had previously contacted the Humane Society, but they were unable to help as it was a mother raccoon protecting her young. Iliff said it was likely the raccoons were living on their roof.

The video, which has over 544,000 views, shows a raccoon attempting to scale Iliff's wall before it turns and looks at her.

humane society couldn’t help bc it was a mamma raccoon protecting her babies (probably living in our roof) so we’ve been waiting for someone to come since yesterday at 5pm pic.twitter.com/yQxDiJPHtf

— haley iliff (@haley_iliff) June 26, 2021

Iliff posted a GIF to Twitter, showing the raccoons rummaging through her closet.

"Since the roof is open to the sky, we have a multiplying raccoon problem. Last count was five raccoons and they found their way to the office upstairs as well," Iliff wrote.

In the next tweet, Iliff showed a picture of her bedroom, where the blinds have been broken in several places and the raccoons obviously used her bed as a toilet among other destruction.

"They trashed my room, who knows what else they'll do before we get them out. No idea how much this is gonna cost me, at the very least I'll need new sheets."

they trashed my room, who knows what else they’ll do before we get them out. no idea how much this is gonna cost me, at the very least i’ll need new sheets pic.twitter.com/rbmYL0MlkB

— haley iliff (@haley_iliff) June 26, 2021

Iliff thanked her roommate for saving her Squishmallow, a soft stuffed animal pillow made by Kelly Toys, from "what would assuredly be a slow and torturous demise."

By 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, all of the raccoons had been removed from the premises, and Iliff posted a video of four raccoons being removed in a trap that was taken by her roommate and concluding the raccoon saga.

raccoon exodus, filmed by the incomparable @WolffAmerica pic.twitter.com/ZIbmIVPJLu

— haley iliff (@haley_iliff) June 26, 2021

To deal with raccoons, the Humane Society has a resources page that covers removing raccoons from your home, how to stop them from feeding from a birdfeeder, and what to do if they come in through your pet door.

The Humane Society suggests gentle techniques to encourage raccoons to leave your home, such as bright lights, loud noises and unpleasant smells, as well as using the techniques at dusk to drive the raccoons out right before their normal activity period.

There is an additional warning that "in places where raccoons have lived for a long time, feces may have accumulated." Parasites can also be present in raccoon feces, so it's best to hire a professional to dispose of the mess. Otherwise, there are CDC guidelines on how to clean up a raccoon latrine.

In the case where raccoons have used a bed as their bathroom, the CDC suggests removing the contaminated material and burning it, burying it, or sending it to the landfill.

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If raccoons use your bed as a bathroom, you definitely need to get new sheets. Getty Images