Mueller Report Forces Rachel Maddow to Cut Trout Fishing Vacation Short, But Anchor Says It's Worth It: 'Listen, This is History'

A lot of Americans will remember where they were at 5 p.m. ET on March 22, 2019, when news broke that Robert Mueller's report on the special counsel office's two year Russia investigation — one of the most highly anticipated events in national politics — had finally been completed. Rachel Maddow will certainly recall the date, as she was caught knee-deep in a trout stream at the time.

Though Maddow was busy enjoying some free time with the fish, the Mueller news was enough to make the MSNBC anchor cut her vacation short and rush to a studio in Tennessee for a remote broadcast on the report and what it might mean for the president.

"A couple of hours ago, or maybe even less than that, I was standing knee-deep in a trout stream in Tennessee. But now it's Mueller time!" Maddow said as she opened her show on Friday night. "And so I'm in a studio in the great state of Tennessee."

The MSNBC host also confessed that being whisked away to the studio probably didn't have any impact on the number of fish she would have caught: "The trout are basically just as safe as they were when I was flailing away at them ineffectually this afternoon."

Though the anchor didn't seem to mind leaving her vacation early, saying: "But, now listen, this is history. This is a reason to stop fishing and go to work."

Conservative media outlets immediately jumped on Maddow's broadcast, alleging that the anchor was crying throughout the show.

Fox News wrote a round up of the media's reactions to the Mueller report, writing that Maddow "kicked off by telling her viewers she was reporting live from Tennessee because she felt she needed to interrupt her vacation to address the breaking news. She appeared to be holding back tears."

The Blaze published a story on Saturday with the headline: "WATCH: Rachel Maddow holds back tears after Mueller report, anti-Trump pundit forced to make stunning admission."

Conservative actor James Woods also slammed Maddow, writing on Twitter that Maddow was "either choking on kitty litter chunks or facing the hard cold reality she's the worst journalist in television history. Always certain, but rarely right…"

But the MSNBC anchor shut down critics with a social media post of her own, in which she laughed at the outlets for covering her alleged tears over the report.

LOL -- the Russia Today and conservative media news this morning that I **wept** -- I cried and cried -- through the show last night. LOLololol.

— Rachel Maddow MSNBC (@maddow) March 23, 2019

Maddow went on to discuss how the Mueller report signals the "start of something, not the end of something" as his findings from the probe are expected to be made public.

Attorney General William Barr told congressional leaders on Friday night that he is reviewing the report and that he "may be in a position to advise you of the Special Counsel's principal conclusions as soon as this weekend."

Mueller's probe into Russian election interference and possible collusion with Donald Trump's campaign has already taken down a number of the president's former associates like Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn. And some are speculating that the special counsel's report has the potential to be just as damaging for Trump.

While Trump has repeatedly bashed the Mueller investigation as a baseless "witch hunt," he told reporters this week that he supports making the final report public and seeing if the findings are legitimate.