Woman Yells Racial Slurs at Black Landscapers Near Her Home in Viral Video

Video has emerged showing a woman going on a racist tirade against a group of Black landscape workers.

The expletive-ridden clip, which was posted into social media, begins with the woman yelling "come on you fucking b***h" at the workers repeatedly.

The men do not confront the woman, and tell her "have a nice day ma'am" while she continues to shout at them.

At one point the Black males appear to laugh to themselves at the incident. One of the men then asks "Hey, can you get this lady?" to an onlooker.

The woman then approaches the men, as one of them tells her "don't touch me."

As the men step back, the woman yells "I ain't touching you, you f*****g b***h."

The woman then shouts "f**k you you f*****g n****r b***h" several times in quick succession at the men.

A voice from a man believed to be recording the incident then asks the workers "are we good to go?"

The men start to pack their gear into the vehicle when a white man arrives to speak to the woman, who continues to yell the entire time.

The woman asks the man "are you f*****g with me...am I disturbing you?" while two of the Black landscape workers approach another male who was witnessing the racist outburst.

The men then tell the woman "have blessed day" and "God loves you" as they get in their vehicle to drive away.

Warning: Explicit language

#Karen harasses and racially insults landscaping crew near her home.

"You fucking N*gger Bitch!"#karensgoingwild #COVID19

P.S. All non-white people are one big Nigger to White Supremacists pic.twitter.com/U9lHEbqp3D

— Black First (@Blac1st) August 2, 2020

It is unclear when the video was recorded or what caused the woman to react in such a way. The incident is believed to have occurred in Florida based on the license plates of the vehicle used by the workers.

The clip was first posted on Twitter by the Black First account, which shares videos of racist incidents as well as news relating to social and racial injustice in the country.

The account claims the incident occurred near the woman's home.

The clip was also uploaded onto Reddit under the title "Queen of Karen's verbally attacks landscaping crew SAD."

The video was posted on the r/PublicFreakout page, which is dedicated "people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public."

The "Queen of Karen" title is a reference to the term used to describe usually white women who are found to act in a number of ways, including calling the police on Black people for no reason or yelling at store workers.

Newsweek has attempted to verify where the original clip stemmed from.

Luxury home with picket fence at the vacation resort of Anna Maria Island, Florida. Video has emerged showing a woman going on a racist tirade against a group of Black landscape workers. Tim Graham