7 Indicted in Connection to Drug Ring Murder Plot of New Jersey Radio Host April Kauffman

A group of seven people has been indicted in connection with the murder of a New Jersey radio host whose death was allegedly set up by her now dead husband to stop her from exposing a drug ring he ran with a biker gang.

The radio host, April Kauffman, was killed in 2012. Her husband, James Kauffman, a New Jersey doctor, apparently killed himself in prison while he awaited trial for the murder of his wife earlier this year. The drug ring was run with biker gang leader Ferdinand Augello, according to prosecutors. Authorities also said that members of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club, who helped run the drug ring, had plans to kill James Kauffman in prison.

The indictments were announced Wednesday.

Prosecutors have claimed that James Kauffman and Augello hired a hitman, Francis Mulholland, to kill April Kauffman who was found dead after being shot. Mulholland died in 2013 of a drug overdose. The alleged illegal opioid operation in which James Kauffman would write phony prescriptions continued even after her death, according to authorities.

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April Kauffman allegedly said she would go to the authorities and tell them about the operation if she wasn't granted a divorce. Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner claimed James Kauffman said he would not grant the divorce and would rather kill her than "losing his financial empire."

"An Atlantic County Grand Jury took a critical step towards rendering justice to April Kauffman and her family. Ferdinand Augello was indicted for the murder of April Kauffman, racketeering and drug charges. This office looks forward to presenting the facts of this case to a jury for them to determine culpability for this heinous scheme," said Tyner in a statement.

James Kauffman was arrested in June of last year after a dramatic standoff with police. Augello faces murder and trafficking charges. The other six people indicted face racketeering and trafficking charges.

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7 Indicted in Connection to Drug Ring Murder Plot of New Jersey Radio Host April Kauffman | U.S.