'Rage 2' Cheat Codes List: How to Unlock & Mangoo Wasteland Wizard Locations

Rage 2 features a small assortment of cheat codes, but they aren't accessible via methods most gamers may be used to. In this guide, we'll tell you how to unlock cheats by finding Mangoo the Wasteland Wizard at specific locations.

Rage 2 Cheats List

Before getting to the process of unlocking cheats, let's first detail all the cool advantages you can buy by spending large amounts of in-game cash. This is the full list of cheats available on launch day.

Rage 2 cheat menu
You can purchase cheats from Mangoo's cheat menu. Avalanche Studios/Id Software/Bethesda Softworks/100% Guides @ YouTube
  • He's on Fire: BOOMSHAKALAKA! Turn on this cheat to have legendary announcer Tim Kitzrow commentate on your every move. [$2,000]
  • Diamond Geezer: Cockney geezer Danny Dyer narrates as you play. Proper naughty. [$2,000]
  • Git Gud: Stop being a casual and git gud. All enemies go down in one hit! [$1,000]
  • Son of Thor: You've been thunderstruck! Now redirect it to your enemies and electrocute them. [$2,000]
  • Klegg Support: You can call in villainous asshole Klegg Clayton to help you out as a helpful asshole. [Free]
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat: When you hit eject, your car flies off into the sky instead of you. Perfect. [$1,000]
  • Progress Booster: Double all Feltrite collected for four hours. [$500]
  • Super Phoenix: You thought the Phoenix was already overpowered? Well then, think again! [$1,000]
  • Super Overdrive: Rage even harder and boost the power of your Overdrive! [$1,000]
  • Super Wingstick: Your favourite murderous boomerang, now with unlimited redirects! [$1,000]
  • Red Barrel Rain: It's raining explosives, hallelujah! Drop in a cluster of red barrels in front of you. [$2,000]

How to unlock cheats in Rage 2

Now that you know all the advantages you can score by using cheats, the next step is unlocking them. Unfortunately, these aren't triggered via a series of button presses like back in the old days. Instead, you'll have to find a special, mobile vendor called Mangoo the Wasteland Wizard. He lives in the balloon-based hut seen below and makes his way around the map as you play. Here are a few specific locations where we've seen him so far.

rage 2 mangoo balloons
Mangoo the Wasteland Wizard travels around in this balloon hut. Avalanche Studios/Id Software/Bethesda Softworks/100% Guides @ YouTube

In the Lost Prospects

Rage 2 mangoo location 1
A Wasteland Wizard spawn in Lost Prospects Avalanche Studios/Id Software/Bethesda Softworks/100% Guides @ YouTube

And these two other spots

Rage 2 mangoo location 2
You can find the Wasteland Wizard in these two circled spots as well. Avalanche Studios/Id Software/Bethesda Softworks/100% Guides @ YouTube

In addition to these three spots on the map, you can also find him in the western and southeast regions of the Sekreto Wetlands. Mangoo changes his location constantly, so our best advice is to use an air vehicle, like the Icarus, to track him down from above.

Once you've purchased a cheat you like, enable it by pausing the game and going to Settings > Cheats. From here, you'll see a menu where the cheats you've purchased can be toggled on and off. The only limitation worth noting is that, when enabled, all non-voice pack cheats stop you from collecting trophies. If you're hunting for a Platinum, all cheats must be turned off. That's all there is to know about the cheat database in Rage 2.

Rage 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What are your thoughts on the cheat database in Rage 2? Which ones have you unlocked? Tell us in the comments section!