'Rainbow Six Siege' New Operators: Alibi & Maestro Gameplay and Gadgets Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege continues to pump out new content. Operation: Para Bellum goes live on test servers starting tomorrow, May 22. If you want an early look at the two new operators Alibi and Maestro, check out the video below from Ubisoft.

Both Alibi and Maestro are from the Italian CTU, and are defending operators. Both have high-tech gadgets, and Alibi might even mess with your concept of reality.

Alibi is all about tricking opponents. She has a special hologram device that creates up to three holographic copies of herself you can strategically place around a map. These can't hurt opponents, but might trick them into firing (revealing their location) or cause just enough confusion where you can circle around and get the drop on them.

To counter all these decoys, simply destroy the base of the hologram to deactivate it. This makes operators like Twitch especially skilled at removing decoys, while Thatcher can disrupt the decoys and Glaz's sight isn't tricked by them either.

Maestro comes equipped with a special camera called the Evil Eye. Players on Maestro's team can tap into it and tag targets like a regular camera. However, the Evil Eye has plenty of other tricks. For starters, the device is virtually indestructible when its shields are closed. The only way to remove one is to blow it up with explosives or destroy the base the camera is built on.

The Evil Eye can also fire electric shocks at enemies. When controlled by Maestro, the camera's shields open up and it's possible to send out a series of weak, but rapid, shocks to enemies. This is enough to kill weak opponents, but can also be used as a distraction to throw off an enemy's game. Be careful though, because when the shields are open the Evil Eye is easily destroyed by bullets.

If you want to try out either Alibi or Maestro, check out the Rainbow Six Siege Technical Test Servers (or TTS) starting tomorrow. A full release for the Para Bellum content is two weeks later, on June 5.

So what do you think? Are you excited to try out either Alibi or Maestro? What would you like to see added to Rainbow Six Siege next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.