'Raised By Wolves' Ending Explained: Show Boss Breaks Down Season Finale

Raised By Wolves has now released Episode 10 of its first season onto HBO Max, which provides an episode cliffhanger for Season 2, which has already been ordered.

While the first season saw Mother (played by Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim) trying to keep their child charges alive in a barren landscape, the final moments of the season saw them emerge in an Eden-like landscape on the other side of Keplar 22B.

It would not be Eden, of course, without a serpent, and the Raised By Wolves season finale has a giant one that Mother gave birth to—a monster that showrunner Aaron Guzikowski hinted to Newsweek may have learned a thing or to from the android who birthed it.

Newsweek spoke to Guzikowski via phone in the lead-up to Raised By Wolves' final episode being released, where he broke down exactly what the closing moments mean—and teased how they will play out in Season 2

raised by wolves finale
The 'Raised By Wolves' season finale sees Mother separated from her children. HBO Max

Newsweek: That giant snake is a strong image you end on. Did you always know that this was where the show was going to end, or did it come as you were building the season?

Aaron Guzikowski, Raised By Wolves creator: This was always the plan. I always knew that at the end of the season, that Mother would give birth to a serpent. Oddly enough, that was the plan going in—when I had my first meeting with Ridley [Scott, executive producer] that is what I discussed with him, because he wanted to know where it was all going. Yes, that was always built into the design there.

NW: It is interesting that you say a serpent, because a lot of viewers watching that are going to be like, 'What the hell is this thing?'

AG: Well, I call it a serpent, but that is not a technical moniker. It is definitely of the same ilk as the serpents whose bones they found in the fields, and all around the planet—these sorts of dinosaurs, these extinct giant snake-like creatures.

All I can say beyond that would be that this one in particular may take on some of its mother's attributes. So, it may have a few abilities that some of its ancestors did not have.

NW: So, a pretty dangerous serpent in other words?

AG: Yes, indeed. It is wise, and if it is something else, that is definitely trouble.

N: How would you describe what happens to Mother and Father at the end of the episode?

AG: They are on a mission to basically destroy this serpent that mother has given birth to, because they fear that it is going to grow and endanger their human children. So, the two of them get inside of this small spacecraft and fly down into one of these bottomless pits, expecting that they are going to eventually reach the core of the planet and be burned up or basically be destroyed in some way, shape, or form.

But what happens is, they actually end up going all the way through the planet. So, obviously, there are some unique features to this particular planet that allows you to do that.

And they essentially blasted out the other side of the planet, out another hole, and found themselves literally on the other side of the planet. It is like you have dug to China.

We could imagine that they have, in fact, landed in the tropical zone, the place that they are constantly talking about someday reaching, sort of the most bountiful part of the planet where living is going to be a lot easier and they can start concentrating on things other than just survival.

But ironically, if in fact that is the case, they reached a tropical zone, but they do not have any of their children with them. All of their children have been left on the other side of the planet. And all of their children now believe that these two androids are gone, perhaps they are, but being they are our main characters, there is probably a good chance that is not the case.

NW: Raised By Wolves is a show that delves into religious themes. Was it deliberate to put this couple into a kind of Eden at the end?

AG: Yes, for sure. There is a lot in the show that kind of, we want to feel like Old Testament stories or old fairy tales or Greek myths, that touch on the same sort of genetic memories that a lot of those sorts of old stories tend to do. A giant serpent is where it all ends.

NW: This is a very new landscape for the show. Have you thought about what other realms the planet might have?

AG: For sure. In a lot of ways, on this planet it is similar to Earth. If we were just dropped down in California, we might not imagine that, say, a place like Antarctica even exists. There are so many different looks and feels and environments on one single planet.

In a lot of ways, I see the planet almost like a haunted house - it has a lot of secret rooms and mystery, and people that live there that we do not know about and all these sources of secrets, kind of in the floorboards. In my mind, I have to have a lot of that worked out. I have to know which in a lot of those rooms and a lot of that history in order to tell the story in the present.

NW: How have Mother and Father changed from the start of the show to the end?

AG: I think with these two, it is interesting because they are starting to feel things. They have been around these human kids for so long, and they have observed them so closely. In many ways they have not changed the kids so much as the kids have changed them, made them more human.

A lot of that change that they are experiencing motivates a lot of the decisions they end up making, and some of them end up being bad decisions in Mother's case. I think they have, in some ways, become more human than human in a lot of ways.

NW: The finale leaves the kids without their android parents. What does the ending of the show mean for them?

AG: It will be interesting. Campion, especially, for the first time, having to define himself without his parents. He has always been told that there is something special about him, that he is this potential leader. How is he going to deal with that now that he is just out there and these people are kind of looking to him to help them survive and figure out what is to be done next? I think that is going to be part of the story of Season 2. All of these characters having to further define themselves as the world around them keeps changing.

Interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Raised By Wolves is streaming now on HBO Max.