Happy Ramadan 2021 Images, Memes, Gifs to Share to Mark Start of Holy Month

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and prayer for Muslims, began on April 12 this year and continues through May 11.

Muslims are expected to fast every day from dawn to sunset throughout Ramadan.

"A key objective of fasting increase in taqwa (closeness to/consciousness of God), and to engender a sense of gratitude, self-discipline and self-improvement, at both an individual and community level, which Muslims are encouraged to continue throughout the year," explains the Muslim Council of Britain, the U.K.'s biggest Islamic organization.

Families and local communities are encouraged to share meals together when breaking their daily fast and to reach out to those who may be fasting alone during Ramadan.

With gatherings limited amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, here are some images, memes and gifs that can be shared with family and friends during Ramadan.


Pixabay has nearly 500 free Ramadan-themed images available for download from its website. Images range from pictures of mosques and people praying to food and table settings.

Users can access at least 140 free high-definition images themed around Ramadan on Unsplash, which features more photos of mosques and the Koran as well as food and nature scenes.

Wallpaper Access also offers over 50 Ramadan images that can be used as wallpapers and backgrounds. The free HD images, available for download directly from the website, feature lanterns, half-moons as well as mosques under a night sky.

Memes and gifs

Several users on Twitter have shared Ramadan-themed memes and gifs, including one from the office of the Mayor of London in the U.K. "Wishing everyone observing the start of #Ramadan in London and around the world a safe, peaceful and blessed month," the office tweeted, sharing a graphic of glowing lanterns.

User @MemesEgy0 posted a picture of a building exterior, of which most rooms are lit with the message "Ramadan Night at 3 am."

User @Number10cat shared a Ramadan-themed animal cartoon drummer, which has received at least 1,100 likes since it was first posted. In several Muslim countries, Ramadan drummers help people wake up for the pre-dawn meal.

Giphy also offers an eclectic range of animated gifs themed around Ramadan. The embed codes for these are available directly at the website. Some of the gifs offered include flashing lanterns and moonlit skies as well as several cartoon graphics with words like "Happy Ramadan" or "Ramadan Kareem."

Gfycat as well as Tenor both offer several more Ramadan-themed gifs, ranging from flashing night skies to mosques.

A Palestinian youth waves a sparkler outside a mosque in Gaza City as the faithful prepare to start the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan. Mohammed Abed/AFP