The Greenest Cities in America, Ranked

West Coast states lead the pack for most environmentally friendly cities in America.
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The Greenest Cities in America, Ranked Getty

The U.S. is turning into a nation of city dwellers—82 percent of us live in cities, according to the U.N, and the numbers are only growing. That's compared to 82 percent now.

In the concrete jungle, green spaces and environmentally friendly practices are more important than ever. And research shows that urban developments that value green space—such as parks and forest land—have lower crime rates and higher economic prosperity. (Green spaces also improve residents' mental and physical health.)

WalletHub collected data on America's 100 largest cities to see which was the most environmentally friendly, based on 26 key indicators—including greenhouse gas emissions, percentage of green space, and the number of commuters who drive.

West Coast states led the pack, with the Midwest and South lagging behind. (Louisiana is home to America's least green major city.) Click through the slideshow below for the 50 greenest cities in America.

50. Garland, TX. Total score: 49.96. Rankings (1 = best, 100 = worst): Environment: 27. Transportation: 57. Energy sources: 43. Lifestyle & policy: 97. City of Garland