Americas Best Loyalty Programs 2023

There are countless customer loyalty programs out there and they work in a wide variety of ways, but they all have one purpose: to reward you for regularly buying from a particular brand. Simple enough. But with the huge range of loyalty programs across the entire spectrum of consumer product and service brands, one program can at first glance look very much like all the others. How can you tell which are good deals which aren't?

To try to simplify that question, Newsweek has partnered again with global data research firm Statista to find America's Best Loyalty Programs 2023. This year, we surveyed more than 4,000 customers who are members of U.S. loyalty programs and asked them several questions including which programs offered worthwhile rewards, which they were most satisfied with and which they would recommend to friends and family.

Altogether we rated 239 programs in 32 product and service categories in 11 broad sectors: apparel, baby and children, banking, general reward programs, grocery stores, health and beauty, home, leisure and entertainment, restaurants, sports and transportation and travel. We found the highest number of top-rated rewards programs among supermarkets with 25, followed by 20 each in clothing and fast food.

Loyalty programs are a prominent way in which brands compete for your business. We hope you will find our ranking helpful as you decide which loyalty programs best fit your shopping needs, habits and preferences.

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CategorySubcategoryLoyalty ProgramParticipating BrandsScore
RestaurantsBakeries and coffee shopsCrumbl LoyaltyCrumbl Cookies9.56
RestaurantsBakeries and coffee shopsCaribou PerksCaribou Coffee8.50
RestaurantsBakeries and coffee shopsDutch RewardsDutch Bros8.48
RestaurantsBakeries and coffee shopsPeetnik RewardsPeet's Coffee8.32
RestaurantsBakeries and coffee shopsDunkin' RewardsDunkin'8.10
RestaurantsBakeries and coffee shopsStarbucks RewardsStarbucks7.98
RestaurantsBakeries and coffee shopsTims RewardsTim Hortons7.90
RestaurantsBakeries and coffee shopsMyPaneraPanera Bread7.59
RestaurantsBakeries and coffee shopsBIGGBY NationBiggby Coffee7.49
RestaurantsBakeries and coffee shopsKrispy Kreme RewardsKrispy Kreme6.89
RestaurantsCasual diningBlazin' RewardsBuffalo Wild Wings8.16
RestaurantsCasual diningChipotle RewardsChipotle7.81
RestaurantsCasual diningMy Chili’s RewardsChili's7.75
RestaurantsCasual diningTexas Roadhouse VIP ClubTexas Roadhouse7.58
RestaurantsCasual diningRed Robin RoyaltyRed Robin7.53
RestaurantsCasual diningDine RewardsBonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Fleming's7.29
RestaurantsCasual diningMoe RewardsMoe's Southwest Grill7.25
RestaurantsCasual diningFridays RewardsTGI Fridays7.11
RestaurantsCasual diningIHOP RewardsIHOP6.96
RestaurantsCasual diningDenny's RewardsDenny's6.30
RestaurantsFast foodFreaky Fast RewardsJimmy John's9.18
RestaurantsFast foodHowie RewardsHungry Howie's8.90
RestaurantsFast foodZax RewardzZaxby’s8.58
RestaurantsFast foodFirehouse RewardsFirehouse Subs8.45
RestaurantsFast foodChick-fil-A OneChick-fil-A8.39
RestaurantsFast foodPiece of the Pie RewardsDomino's Pizza8.29
RestaurantsFast foodMyMcDonald’s RewardsMcDonald's8.12
RestaurantsFast foodPapa RewardsPapa John's8.03
RestaurantsFast foodHut RewardsPizza Hut7.95
RestaurantsFast foodFreddy’s RewardsFreddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers7.91
RestaurantsFast foodTROPIC REWARDSTropical Smoothie Cafe7.90
RestaurantsFast foodTaco Bell RewardsTaco Bell7.83
RestaurantsFast foodSonic AppSonic7.63
RestaurantsFast foodWendy’s RewardsWendy's7.61
RestaurantsFast foodmyMike'sJersey Mike's Subs7.58
RestaurantsFast foodPopeyes RewardsPopeyes7.56
RestaurantsFast foodSubway MyWay RewardsSubway7.47
RestaurantsFast foodMyWhataburgerWhataburger7.34
RestaurantsFast foodDQ® RewardsDairy Queen6.65
RestaurantsFast foodRoyal PerksBurger King5.91
RestaurantsIce cream and frozen yogurt storesBR AppBaskin-Robbins8.05
RestaurantsIce cream and frozen yogurt storesMySmileageMenchie's7.60
RestaurantsIce cream and frozen yogurt storesMy Cold Stone Club RewardsCold Stone Creamery7.40
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The 2023 ranking of America's Best Loyalty Programs was compiled based on the results of an independent survey of more than 4,000 U.S. customers who are members of loyalty programs of retailers or service providers in the U.S.
Customers were given the opportunity to evaluate various loyalty programs: about 16,000 evaluations were collected. The survey period ran from October to November 2022.
We defined loyalty programs as all reward programs that provided the customer with a benefit when purchasing or using the products or services of the associated brands.
The survey was conducted on retailers and service providers from 32 categories, providing results for a broad spectrum of loyalty programs in traditional retail, online retail and service segments. The awarded loyalty programs each received an above average overall score.

The final assessment and rankings were based on six criteria:
1. Ease and enjoyment: Measures the value of the perks of being in the rewards program. (5%)
2. Benefit: Measures whether the rewards are—in the customer's perception—worth being part of the program. (20%)
3. Overall satisfaction: Measures whether personal expectations were fulfilled and whether the customer is satisfied with the experience of the loyalty program overall. (25%)
4. Customer support: Measures the level of assistance provided to customers when signing up for the program or having trouble redeeming benefits. (10%)
5. Trust: Measures the trust in the loyalty program around how the brand uses personal data provided through the program. (10%)
6. Recommendation: Measures the likelihood of recommending the program to friends and family. (30%)

The full methodology is available here.