Most Loved Workplaces U.K. 2022

The U.K.'s 100 Most Loved Workplaces

In the U.K., as around the world, the threat of recession is looming over companies and employees alike. The worry: High inflation and interruptions to the energy supply caused by the pandemic and the Ukraine war will cause corporate profits to shrink and spark major layoffs, hurting both the workers who've been let go and those who remain behind.

In this challenging environment, it's especially important for companies to keep employees motivated and productive, giving them reasons to feel connected to and satisfied with the business they work for. Employers who succeed at this critical task—companies like the ones on our first U.K. edition of Newsweek's 100 Most Loved Workplaces—are the ones most likely to thrive in the times ahead.

As with its U.S. counterpart, which was published in October, this collection of small, medium and large companies was produced with our research partner, the Best Practice Institute of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. What separates our list from other workplace rankings is that we get to the bottom of how employees feel about their whole working experience, rather than simply extol company benefits.

Our bottom line is this: Do workers feel loved—and in sync—with the company they work for?

That kind of "emotional connection," as BPI terms it, can mean success for a company. This works for any business, big or small, says BPI founder and CEO Louis Carter, author of In Great Company: How to Spark Peak Performance by Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace. BPI's research director, Scott Baxt, also points out that employees, research shows, are as much as four times more likely to be more productive if they love their company. Those same workers also tend to stay on the job longer, cutting down on turnover.

As Baxt explains, the businesses on this, and the U.S. list, "highlight how they have given a voice to all employees and, in return," have likely been "rewarded with increased productivity and performance."

How did the companies make the list? More than 450,000 employees were surveyed at businesses ranging in size from 50 employees to well north of 5,000; some 410 companies were accepted to apply for certification as a "Most Loved Workplace" and nearly 300 made the cut. The top 100 among them were chosen based on a variety of factors that BPI's research has revealed is most important to employee sentiment and satisfaction, with best practices culled from the employee surveys, interviews with hundreds of company officials and public company rating sites. The criteria included: Is collaboration and teamwork important? Are there opportunities for advancement? Does the company promote understanding and respect within their culture? Are worker values aligned with their company?

The Top 100

As in the U.S., flexible work arrangements seem to be entrenched at the companies on the U.S. Most Loved list. Also as with the U.S. list, career development was crucially important to employees at our U.K. companies.

Virgin Atlantic, this year's top company, for example, has a special program called "Springboard," which was created for women who are struggling with work- life balance—an issue whose critical importance was laid bare during the pandemic—and who want to thrive in the corporate world. It was designed to also help Virgin reach a 50/50 gender mix "within our leader population." Pharma company PerkinElmer (No. 8) has a "MyCareerJourney" portal that lets employees see new jobs at the firm. They're also matched with the resources needed to develop skills for those jobs.

BPI's Carter says that the alignment of employee and company values was crucial as well. "The most mentioned significant words by the companies (in our surveys) were 'value' and "culture' with 45 percent of the companies making mention of at least one of those words," he says. "The companies begin the execution of their culture and value-based systems during the recruitment process."

For instance, applicants at Sensat (No. 29), a software firm, have to go through a "values" interview. Financial services firm Wills & Trusts Wealth Management Group (No. 42) requires new hires to participate in a four-day culture workshop.

Will these good feelings last when we survey those companies again next year?

Not at all clear. Some three years after COVID-19 hit, the workplace is an unpredictable place. Britain is dealing with economic and political woes—and who knows what the winter will bring with continued high inflation and fuel shortages looming. A worldwide economic downturn might change the rules of engagement with employers.

We'd argue, though, that it is more important than ever that companies are willing to change with the times and actively work to meet the evolving needs of the people who work for them. The best employers recognize that and act accordingly—no matter what economic times they're in.

We can't predict the future—we don't know and no one else does either. But we do know that there are lots of lessons to be derived from our Top 100. If you're an employee looking to find a firm more aligned with your values, this list can help. If you're an executive trying to make your firm a better place for your employees to thrive, taking note of the practices of the Top 100 is a good place to start.

That's true no matter who is running the U.K. — HANK GILMAN, Senior Editor at Large

Most Loved Workplaces® is a registered trademark of the Best Practice Institute, Inc., of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

RankingCompanyIndustryEmployeesLoved Because
1Virgin AtlanticAirline8,500Virgin Atlantic handily emerged as the top company in the first British edition of Most Loved Workplaces, scoring in the top five percent of every measure we evaluated. Take opportunity for career success, for instance: Virgin employees get the most chances to succeed compared with any other company we assessed, with 75 percent of the talent in leadership positions promoted from within. The company also distinguished itself with high scores in areas such as inclusivity, leadership development and helping employees achieve company and personal results. Other winning measures included how the company shows respect for employees and fosters collaboration. People who work for Virgin Atlantic, in addition, are encouraged to be who they are. (Is it okay to show your tattoos? Sure thing.) The driving philisophy that management and employees alike follow is based on the mantra of founder Sir Richard Branson: Take care of the people who take care of your customers. Among the ways this is done is learning from your employees. Senior leaders, for example, have employee mentors, a process known as “reverse mentoring.” This helps executives help employees—and the company—by learning what’s really going on in the business from the ground up. Another key initiative—with a goal of a 50/50 “gender mix within our leader population”— is called the “Springboard” program, which is designed for female workers. Comprising four workshops, Springboard helps with, among other things, achieving a work/life balance and thriving in the corporate world.
2ManyPetsInsurance609The company’s culture is big on involvement. Its “Inclusion Council” deals with topics ranging from recruitment to living with children with autism. Two surveys per year shape the strategy. Also, a platform called “ManyIdeas” allows employees to “upvote” their colleagues’ ideas.
3ZopaFinancial Services650Zopa’s people proposition: Live your best life; maximize your professional skills. The company doles out gender-neutral parental leave. Plus, employees can work up to 120 days a year abroad. Big on worker input, too. Half the performance review is based on values co-created by employees.
4Alfa Financial SoftwareFintech436Collaboration is an asset: Every year, employees participate in four “Innovation Days.” The two-day hack-a-thon allows them to put ideas into practice; workers also communicate across teams to expand their networks and skills. Employee retention, the company says, is ultrahigh.
5GraylingAdvertising & Marketing500An “Advantage for All” working group ensures an inclusive work environment via speaking events on cultural holidays and unconscious-bias training. Career development is a thing: Personal growth plans and biannual appraisals give employees the chance to update training to be successful.
6Lewis SilkinLaw Firm538This company is idea crazy. The firm created “Idea Drop,” an app through which employees can give—and rate—new ideas. From there, those same ideas head into what’s called the “Innovation Sprint,” where they are refined and presented for possible implementation.
7Metro Bank (U.K.)Financial Services4,220Talk about valuing your employees. In 2021, Metro Bank filled 40% of all vacancies with internal candidates. The company also offers opportunities for personal development: The “Days to Amaze” program encourages employees to contribute to their greater community.
8PerkinElmerPharmaceuticals16,700Inclusion and development rule here, as in many others in the top 100. The global “MyCareerJourney” portal lets all employees see new job opportunities at the company. Not only that, workers are matched with resources that help them with the skills needed for those positions.
9auticonIT400Every employee has a coach who is focused on making adjustments to support the worker in their journey at the IT services company. The “Principals of Positive Psychology” are huge here. The theory: We all have our inherent strengths and should focus on what we’re good at to flourish.
10SelfridgesRetail2,838Managing by walking around: Top execs are seen walking the floor or communicate virtually with work teams. Health and well-being, the company says, are also important. Employees can take advantage of a daily “wellness hour.” Rest for the weary!
11Eden ProjectEco-Attraction453School and learning is a focus at this nonprofit. It has partnered with local colleges to offer “Eden Project Learning,” where undergraduate and postgraduate degrees can be earned on-site while gaining hands-on experience. Employees also qualify for a 50 percent tuition reduction.
12WaracleIT250The company has clearly embraced the hybrid office model with enthusiasm. Employees, lucky them, can choose how and where they work. The executive team remains connected to all via weekly video conferences for Q&As and to discuss the company’s direction.
13QuantexaIT550Like Waracle and others, Quantexa has increased remote options while encouraging collaboration through a formal mentoring process and professional development programs. The focus is on an employee’s strengths—not their weaknesses.
14GoHenryFintech344The company relies on employee feedback to shape its people strategy. For example, in response to a survey on returning to the office post-COVID, executives introduced “GoFlex,” a framework that lets employees choose where they’d like to work—home or office.
15Equal ExpertsIT1,320This company is serious about its values. The final stage of its interview process is a conversation about values to make sure new hires get it. In addition, employees are change agents: They can use a process in which anyone in the company can submit a proposal for change.
16OddboxFood Service100Employees are keen on the company’s mission to fight food waste and stop climate change. The food service firm is also focused on reducing its carbon footprint. That includes carbon-literacy training for all employees. “Ask Emily Anything”—Q&As with the CEO every three weeks—are a fixture too.
17GWIMarket Research500GWI is serious about its culture and its people. How serious? Incoming employees face a culture panel interview to ensure a proper fit with the organization’s values: Show respect, think big and ask why. Also, culturally aligned rewards are doled out on a monthly, and annual basis.
18TrueLayerFinancial Services392Career development is big here. The company offers a generous budget for each employee for skill-building things like courses and books. The CEO, meanwhile, is big on work/life balance. Employees get three extra personal days a quarter in addition to vacation. Sign us up!
19Opencast SoftwareIT370How’s this for good mentoring? Each employee gets a “People and Experience” partner to help with goals and navigating their career. The CEO, meanwhile, empowers employees at all levels of the organization to reach out with ideas, questions or concerns.
20InformaInformation Services10,800Informa’s value proposition for employees has four pillars—freedom, impact, community and opportunity. Creating an inclusive culture is key, too. The company utilizes reverse mentoring, in which leaders, including the CEO, are mentored by employees about diversity and inclusion.
21StuartLogistics800It’s all about empowerment at this logistics firm. Lots of programs to help employees grow within the company, including “Stuart Academy.” Offerings range from mental health courses to leadership programs. Want to learn a new language? They’ve got you covered.
22BCW GlobalPublic Relations4,000Company execs reckon that their employees’ growth will fuel the growth of their public relations firm. Senior leadership is accessible, including CEO Donna Imperato, who isn’t afraid to share her own development journey with her team. We’re all ears!
23PeakSoftware376Here’s a nice array of benefits. Company employees are not only given equity in the firm—always a nice perk—but can also “work from anywhere” for a month, once a year. Professional growth is top of mind too. Everyone has a personal career-development program.
24nDreamsVideo Games180+Gaming heaven? Team members can work on a choice of platforms and themes to create the games they’ve always dreamed of. Time is scheduled for employees to polish up on personal development in either a tech specialty or management.
25EquilibriumFinancial Services91Every employee has a goal-setting meeting at the beginning of the year to create both personal and professional targets. There are also academies for professional development and one-on-one mentoring. The company hires for good attitude and is willing to train.
26Scott LogicSoftware463Scott Logic’s values are agreed upon by all employees and further strengthened by peer feedback. Furthermore, its “People Promise” of six principles aims to ensure diversity, decency and equality throughout its roster of 400-plus employees.
27ZappiAdvertising & Marketing300All ideas are welcomed and heard at all-employee hack-a-thons. The result: new products, services and prototypes. Every worker gets a personal budget to spend on external training and professional development. There’s access to mentors and coaches, too.
28MyTutorEducation Tech249A major focus on homegrown talent here. There are personal development plans for all, including an internal mentoring program. Online learning is provided and encouraged. Every quarter, there’s a full day of meetings where employees listen to customer stories and learn.
29SensatSoftware69The firm hires only applicants who pass a values interview. Since remote working is a big thing here, the company finds creative ways to encourage collaboration. Like what? “Blue Sky Days,” where folks who don’t normally work together team up and compete at a festival in South London.
30MAPPReal Estate600Each month, execs measure performance on core values; they have annual Hero Awards for living those values too. Meanwhile, monthly one-on-ones are not appraisals but rather check-ins where the most important question is, “What do you want to do?” Profit sharing is a nice perk as well.
31COMPASS PathwaysPharmaceuticals124COMPASS Pathways offers mental health care not only to its patients but also to its employees. There’s a well-being coach for everyone, as well as training on psychological safety in conversations. All voices are heard: The company’s 10-year plan was strategized with everyone.
32KuitsLaw195A flexible work environment allows employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. They are all in this together: During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, higher-paid company leaders agreed to pay cuts to supplement employees’ pay that was slashed.
33KingVideo Games2,101Team members are empowered to be creative through workshops and crafts to help facilitate ideas and have the opportunity to pitch new proposals to anyone in the organization. They can also participate in “Ask Me Anything” calls with the leadership team on a monthly basis.
34Cloud Technology SolutionsIT185Surf’s up: Values were created on a beach retreat three years ago and have been maintained ever since, the company says. There’s also a strong focus on learning with programs like “Start,” which trains newbies in tech. Future leaders work on new business ideas throughout the year.
35CiphrIT230Employees are tracked for well-being. In addition, they are encouraged to lead engagement streams, participate in planning programs and listen to external speakers. Don’t have a degree? Ciphr offers an apprenticeship program for potential candidates to “learn and earn.”
36ZooplaSoftware743The pride of Zoopla? Management development programs, leadership development programs, clear career frameworks and a series of lunch-and-learns with in-house experts who skill-share with colleagues throughout the ranks. Reverse mentoring with execs? Sure thing.
37DojoFintech1,011Via the “tribe model,” employees can work collaboratively within their specialties or “tribe hop” as they strive to grow their skills and network. Every two weeks, “Innovation Meetings” open the floor to new ideas. Plus, equal access to leadership development and training programs.
38The Imagination GroupAdvertising & Marketing200Entrepreneurship still has a big value: Team members are encouraged to own their projects from the beginning to the end. Calculated risks are okay, too. Professional development? Monthly check-ins to keep individual goals on track. The CEO? He knows each of his employees.
39JumoFintech238Lots going on here. “Ask Me Anything” sessions with senior leadership. The chief exec works with everyone. “Learning Friday” features webinars on topics such as how to have hard conversations. On-site yoga sessions too, if you want to stretch and de-stress.
40MegaportIT345Leave your ego at the door at Megaport. A flat structure for all voices to be heard; employees are welcome to challenge the status quo. The company also offers workers a $5,000 learning and development budget; nobody gets more than anyone else. Now that’s flat!
41DoCoMo DigitalTelecommunications250DoCoMo is a global organization, but it manages to remain tight-knit. The volunteer-run “Global Experience Team,” with reps from each office, oversees go-to-market meetings. Also, team members are encouraged to create their own goals. Be humble and bold!
42Wills & Trusts Wealth Management GroupFinancial Services58Culture clubbing: There’s a four-day culture workshop for all new employees. Every year, the company publishes a “Culture Book” in which employees can write what they think about the company. A well-being committee? Yes, you can find one here, along with a well-being newsletter.
43System1 GroupAdvertising & Marketing95All employees take part in a managerial training program based on feedback from all areas of the business. Mind and body are also, well, top of mind. System1 Group offers quarterly mental health assessments to ensure all employees are healthy and more.
44S-RMCybersecurity312Diversity, equity and inclusion are a big deal here, as well as the environment. There’s even a tree planting program. To ensure transparency, the company has folks observe board meetings and report back to their teams.
45SmarketsFinancial Services150The company, which employs workers of 35 different nationalities, tries to make everyone feel as though they belong. How so? Work breakfast and dinner are available, and everybody has lunch together. An “Expiration Party” lets employees discuss what they’re working on. Partners and friends are invited.
46Gemba AdvantageSoftware59Guiding principle: Lead with empathy and respect. There’s a daily employee recognition program and even folks leaving the company are respected through a personal highlight reel. A three-month induction period for new hires sets clear expectations.
47FlydocsAviation & Aerospace348The place to be for a good career. Employees have access to numerous learning programs, certifications, coaching and mentors. They can also participate in an eight-month leadership launchpad program that is intended to help them grow and flourish in the organization.
48WallbrookProfessional Services67Open book: All decisions are based on committee feedback representing all levels of the company. Everyone has a say. A clear workflow and hybrid model give employees power over their schedules, encouraging everyone to maintain productivity and their ideal work-life balance.
49Vistair SystemsIT135Biweekly stand-up talks highlight values, successes and failures. Also offered: a program designed to help employees think about their careers—and how they want to progress—along with opportunities to talk about how the organization can help them achieve those goals.
50ChattermillSoftware80Everyone can weigh in at Chattermill, a software company where collaboration is part of doing business. Each new product feature, for example, is treated like a mini-startup; employees from different departments join what’s called the “stream” and collaborate freely.
51Wipro LimitedIT268,000"Diverse” and “collaborative” are two words that describe Wipro. The organization prides itself on employees having a voice and a safe space to share their opinions and ideas. “Diverse opinions” isn’t just a catchphrase, it seems. Some 135 nationalities work at the IT firm.
52GAMA HealthcareHealth Care390The company offers a wealth of employee-focused initiatives: a “protected half day” each month for employees to focus on personal development, on-site wellness room, free massages, mental health workshops and healthy breakfasts daily. No wonder workers love it here.
53HealthilyHealth Technology65Transparency and trust are big deals. The CEO evaluates feedback on his performance and holds “Show-and-Tell” meetings to say how he plans on improving. Quarterly strategy days—open to all employees—help foster an atmosphere of equality and teamwork.
54Bossa GamesVideo Games67Everyone helps shape the future here. To generate new ideas, for instance, the company has weeklong “Game Jams” where employees break up into teams and develop new ideas. For their own futures, workers get “Bossa Bucks” to pay for personal development courses.
55ArgyllReal Estate202Loyalty building? After COVID layoffs, company execs went back to every employee and offered them their jobs back. For new hires, the firm scrapped its three-month probationary period and now offers flexible working arrangements right off the bat.
56RLDatixSoftware (Health Care)1,580According to feedback, the top reasons employees love working at RLDatix are the people and the environment. Career development is part of the mix too. An online platform helps employees branch out, and there’s specialized training for those with a specific career path in mind.
57Hamilton FraserInsurance220Interested in management? This place could be for you. For instance, a 12-month program for bosses and potential bosses helps with things like setting objectives with the company’s values in mind. Innovation forums? This insurance firm has those too.
58FoxtonsReal Estate1,200The company is big on training employees to climb up the ranks. The offerings: mentors, conferences and podcasts. Collaboration is practiced in earnest: Executives often spend the day on the floor with employees.
59BBAProduct Certification193Originally a government department, BBA brings employees in on decision-making via, among other things, a weekly forum. This recently led to the decision to move to a new office designed by BBA’s employees. The forum, in fact, has become a de facto leadership team.
60Bedford ConsultingProfessional Services92Feedback is everywhere at this professional services firm. Example: Execs launch surveys every two weeks; the leadership team gathers once a month and uses the info to create action plans. Plus, new hires are nurtured. Each newbie gets a buddy for about six months to help them settle in.
61Stena DrillingOil & Gas866It’s the little things that matter at this family-run company. For instance? Subsidized canteens (less than three bucks U.S. for a full meal!) and monthly BBQs in the office. Employees also have access to personalized training and, the BBQs aside, nutrition plans.
62NatooraFood Service200Training is ongoing at this food service concern. A monthly “Natoora Academy” is open to all workers; it focuses on leadership skills and personal development, with lessons ranging from conflict resolution and presentation skills to meditation and stress management.
63FindelEducation Products313The focus here is on core values. The big four: care, passion, ownership and ambition. As you might expect, Findel is very big on education too, including digital learning opportunities, access to a leadership program and a tool for additional training and support.
64The British AcademyEducation109Looped in: All employees are encouraged to stay involved through the staff engagement forum, which is held every six weeks and provides regular company updates. CEO Hetan Shah also produces a weekly newsletter and maintains an open-door policy.
65ThesisSoftware90Thesis is now a fully remote business, giving employees the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. Staff stay connected through weekly, employee-hosted drop-in coffee sessions, monthly “All-Hands” calls and game nights. Monthly work-from-home allowances are offered too.
66Charles OwenTextile Manufacturing123Career paths are built on an employee’s strengths and personal objectives. Workers get a fair crack at good opportunities at the textile company; available jobs are advertised internally first. Also, employees get to assess their role in the company during the job appraisal process.
67AppLearnSoftware77The process: This software company recruits workers that share its core values. Once there, employees are rewarded by demonstrating those values. Collaboration is built into the company too. For instance, “team houses” mix workers from different departments.
68AbilityNetNonprofit84A good place to find a good career? Seems so. Employees are offered intensive training courses when looking to move up the food chain. Communication is a big deal as well. Weekly one-on-one appointments with bosses are arranged for every worker. The result? Voices are heard.
691Spatial Group LimitedIT129All employees—from the youngest to CEO Claire Milverton—find equal placement in the open office plan. Work/life balance is also a priority. The leadership team regularly hosts a series of well-being events, including companywide fitness opportunities and “unplug” sessions.
70BleeckerFood & Beverage50Inclusivity is prized here. The company partnered with Stonewall, an LGBTQ+ community, to make sure all of its language and policies are inclusive, with a gender transition policy too. Career development is also important. More than 50 percent of the senior management team was grown internally.
71ODGroupConstruction80A lot of effort goes into recruiting. The firm has a “Site Manager Academy,” an extensive training program to give ex-military personnel a career path in construction. The company also works with a local college in an economically challenged part of London to create jobs.
72Lick HomeManufacturing85The company practices what it preaches when it comes to inclusivity. Some 17 percent of the employees report some sort of disability. Workers at this manufacturing firm are also encouraged to manage their professional development.
73By MilesInsurance65The insurance firm has created a no-blame zone: No second-class citizens here, and execs say you can speak truth to power. And don’t forget its well-being pledge. There are, among other things, mental health days. Hybrid work model? Of course!
74PharmanoviaPharmaceuticals240The company started as a small, family-owned business. Employees have the green light to be creative—new ideas and suggestions are gladly welcomed at this pharma company. Plus, workers are provided development budgets and get to see all jobs before they’re offered to outsiders.
75La Fosse AssociatesIT Staffing250Everyone has a piece of the action! Employees have an ownership stake and are strategically involved. La Fosse launched “Futureproof,” a software development training program. Diversity is prized: More than 50 percent of associates are ethnic minorities; 85 percent are lower income.
76WonderblyPublishing66You can get all the career training and coaching you can handle at this publishing company. Want your career to move sideways or upward? Doesn’t matter. A “squad” structure results in constant collaboration between the company’s departments. It’s good for learning too.
77VenatusAd Tech65Welcome to Venatus. There are not only regular town halls but the CEO spends time getting to know every new employee, regardless of their role. Hybrid work arrangements are encouraged, and there’s management training available as well as coding courses.
78Container SolutionsSoftware100Every employee has a “performance pathway,” a personal plan developed to ensure they’re being supported and can work on areas that need improvement. Public speaking? Leadership skills? Tech chops? All that and more, including six professional coaching sessions per year.
79Singer Capital MarketsInvestment Banking130Chief Executive Officer Tim Cockroft insists on flexible work hours—and even comfortable work spaces. Apprentice programs and strong education reimbursement plans are designed to accelerate development for all employees at this investment banking firm.
80LHi GroupStaffing392All employees share in the company’s profits and decision-making. The CEO implemented the “Future You” program to encourage everyone to chase their dreams. That includes helping workers get out of their comfort zones, which helps create, the company says, the “future you.”
81Flutter EntertainmentSports Gaming11,000This place is for you if you value coaching roundtables and online training that inspire group and individual growth. Flutter, a sports gaming firm, keeps employees connected, even within the virtual world. That helps facilitate collaboration—and, of course, innovation.
82Threads StylingRetail220Get this: If less than 60 percent of employees are sharing feedback, CEO Sophie Hill knows there is work to be done. During the pandemic, she held individual virtual meetings with every member of the company. Hill smashed the ivory tower to bits. Also, employees collaboratively tackle problems.
83AbcamPharmaceuticals1,100Some companies claim direct access to the chief executive. Abcam, a pharma company, seems to actually pull it off. For example, employees regularly book lunches with the CEO to provide feedback, file complaints and pitch ideas. We hope they’re kind.
84FreshaIT290This online booking platform for salons and spas taps into employee feedback through open workshops and communication tools, like Slack, where workers are free to discuss corporate issues and concerns. Job development is nurtured by training employees in their areas of strength.
85InstandaSoftware158They’re serious about feedback here. Really serious. There are bimonthly “Instanda Connect” meetings where employees can speak up. And every six months there’s an employee engagement survey followed by a functional action plan. That recently led to enhanced benefits.
86Reed in PartnershipIndividual and Family Services1,700There’s a strong culture of employee progression here. Last year, more than 200 people received internal promotions. A formal mentor program helps employees make transitions within the organization. Three manager academies too, for future managers, current managers and future leaders.
87British Heart FoundationHealth Care4,180Values galore: being brave, informed, driven and compassionate. There are internal reviews that measure such things—and values-based awards and recognition. Professional and personal development training is offered through online forums.
88SonovateFinancial Services150Employees at all levels have a chance to get involved through programs like the “Tech Steering Group,” in which everyone has a chance to test out new technology and provide feedback. Transparency is a thing here as well—everyone knows the company goals.
89MVFIT543Looking to progress? The IT firm’s “Learning Academy” helps propel growth into management. In addition to courses, the company offers mentor coaching. Personal well-being is important too. Management says the workplace should not be the center of all life. No argument from us.
90CodeMonkIT49Within a fully remote structure, employees maintain full control of their schedules, allowing them to work when individual creativity is most likely to flourish. Monthly town halls invite all employees to join in the conversation. Bonus perk: open financial books.
91IG GroupFinancial Services2,800This financial services firm maintains four distinct networks designed to support the growth and well-being of minority groups within the organization. It seems to work: More than 90 percent of employees report being treated with dignity and respect.
92Allan WebbDefense & Military250A big supporter of ex-military, more than 40 percent of the company is made up of veterans, including the managing director and HR chief. Its goal: Create a soft landing for vets transitioning to civilian life. Offered: training in behavior, project management and even engineering.
93Six DegreesIT460Digging deep: The company has a program that allows employees to rate how their week was; it encourages folks to openly voice frustrations. That helps the company address problems. Quarterly employee surveys are also utilized, as well as focus groups.
94FITTSIT40Freedom with responsibility is a mantra at FITTS, an IT firm. Employees are encouraged to make their voices heard. Execs also have a quarterly appraisal system at their disposal. It is designed to help employees improve and reach objectives.
95DisguiseSoftware95Employee growth is encouraged through mentoring, coaching and leadership development. The company and its executives utilize breakout sessions during its Zoom meetings to make sure employees are free to discuss work issues.
96Canvas8Advertising & Marketing120The company has moved to a two-day office/three-day remote model and found ways to collaborate. For instance, it held “war games” in which employees split into teams to create competitors to Canvas8. Employees also presented ideas and gave the company crucial insights.
97HB LeisureAmusement Parks300An interesting on-boarding program here: Team members start part time and embark on a cultural skill-building journey that includes sessions with a mentor and on-boarding modules. The result? Hopefully, skills that build relationships and foster integrity, team spirit and collaboration.
98MAPD GroupLaw408Fit and culture are key to the company mission. The hiring process begins with a casual chat and a personality assessment to ensure there is a strong fit. Core values include open and honest communication, kindness and continual learning.
99THISFood & Beverage66THIS is a young startup that hired a “head of people” as its sixth employee, reflecting the emphasis it places on its workers. The company’s open office plan is intended to encourage creativity and help junior employees share their ideas freely.
100Taziker IndustrialConstruction460A growing company that hasn’t lost the family feel. Employees have direct access to all C-Level execs. Plus, all team members are acknowledged, listened to and offered the opportunity to pitch ideas. Employee Services highlights the company’s commitment to making the department more approachable for all team members.

NEWSWEEK'S RANKING of the 2022 U.K.'s Most Loved Workplaces pays tribute to companies that put respect, caring and appreciation for their employees at the center of their business model and, in doing so, have earned the loyalty and respect of the people who work for them.

The list was created in partnership with Best Practice Institute (BPI) and its Most Loved Workplaces® operation, a benchmark research, assessment, and culture change company that studies and identifies the specific management practices that lead to employee motivation and satisfaction and has documented the strong link between worker satisfaction and productivity and performance. Through its Love of Workplace Index™, BPI and Most Loved Workplace® measure five basic areas to determine how employees feel about where they work to create the Most Loved Workplaces list: the level of collaboration at the firm; how positive workers are about their future at the company; how much employer values align with employee values; respect at all levels and career achievement. Working in consultation with Newsweek editors, BPI also considered return-to-office policies, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and other workplace and talent development initiatives.

More than 450,000 employees were surveyed at businesses ranging in size from 50 employees to well north of 5,000.

To identify the top 100 companies for the Newsweek ranking, companies were evaluated and scored as follows: 35 percent of the initial score was based on responses to BPI's proprietary Love of Workplace index™. Another 25 percent was derived from analysis of external public ratings from sites such as Comparably, Careerbliss, Glassdoor, Indeed and Google. The final 40 percent came from direct interviews with and written responses from company officials. Newsweek then conducted additional research into every company on the list and the top runners-up to determine the final list of 100 companies and their rankings. (The list includes U.K. firms and companies with a strong U.K. presence based overseas.)

The rankings combine quantitative and qualitative analysis developed by BPI in partnership with The School of International and Public Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh and featured in the book In Great Company (McGraw-Hill, 2019) by BPI and Most Loved Workplace founder Louis Carter.

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