Most Trusted by Pharmacists OTC Brands in America

Most Trusted by Pharmacists OTC Brands in America

Most Americans trust their neighborhood pharmacists to provide information about prescription medications and over-the-counter (OTC) products. According to the BrandSpark American Shopper Study (BASS), when it comes to brand suggestions, OTC health consumers place trust in the opinions of healthcare professionals more than any other driver of trust. Moreover, the study said shoppers' second most influential factor following doctors' views was OTC brand suggestions from pharmacists.

Newsweek partnered with leading market research firm BrandSpark International and is pleased to announce the inaugural winners of the BrandSpark/Newsweek Most Trusted by Pharmacists Awards (BMTPA) for OTC consumer product brands. This collaboration makes it easier for consumers to buy OTC brands confidently by awarding the most trusted brands a 100 percent pharmacist-voted seal of approval. The winners were named based on a survey of 1,682 Pharmacists currently practicing in the United States. The participants were asked to provide their top-of-mind, unaided opinions on which brands they trust the most in a total of 86 categories.

The awards are based entirely on the opinions of pharmacists; brands were not allowed to make nominations. We hope you'll find this list helpful as you choose OTC health products.

Cough, Cold, AllergyAllergic Reaction Treatment (Adult)Benadryl
Cough, Cold, AllergyNasal Decongestant SprayAfrin
Cough, Cold, AllergyTopical Cough Suppressant (Adult)Vicks VapoRub
Cough, Cold, AllergySinus RinseNeilMed
Cough, Cold, AllergyCough LozengeHalls
Cough, Cold, AllergyLiquid Cough Suppressant (Dry Cough)Delsym
Cough, Cold, AllergyCold MedicationVicks DayQuil / NyQuil
Cough, Cold, AllergySore Throat LozengeCepacol
Cough, Cold, AllergyCough, Cold, and Flu CombinationVicks DayQuil / NyQuil
Cough, Cold, AllergySeasonal Allergy Relief (Adult)Zyrtec
Cough, Cold, AllergyLiquid Cough ExpectorantRobitussin
Cough, Cold, AllergyFlu MedicationTheraflu
DiagnosticsBlood Pressure MonitorOmron
DiagnosticsLancetsOneTouch Delica
DiagnosticsBlood Glucose MonitorOneTouch
DiagnosticsDigital ThermometerBraun / Vicks (TIE)
Ear, Eye, & NoseEye Drops for AllergiesPataday / Systane Zaditor (TIE)
Ear, Eye, & NoseEye Drops for RednessVisine
Ear, Eye, & NoseSnoring TreatmentBreathe Right
Ear, Eye, & NoseContact Lens SolutionBausch + Lomb
Ear, Eye, & NoseEar Ringing Treatment (Tinnitus)Lipo-Flavonoid
Ear, Eye, & NoseEarache ReliefSimilasan
Ear, Eye, & NoseWater-blocked Ear TreatmentDebrox
Ear, Eye, & NoseEye Drops for Dry EyesRefresh / Systane (TIE)
Family Planning & Women's HealthEmergency Contraceptive PillPlan B One-Step
Family Planning & Women's HealthOvulation TestClearblue
Family Planning & Women's HealthPrenatal VitaminNature Made
Family Planning & Women's HealthYeast Infection TreatmentMonistat
Family Planning & Women's HealthMenopause SupplementEstroven
Family Planning & Women's HealthPregnancy TestingClearblue / First Response (TIE)
First AidBandagesBand-Aid
First AidSunburn ReliefSolarcaine
First AidBurn TreatmentNeosporin / Solarcaine (TIE)
First AidInsect Bite/Sting ReliefAfter Bite / Benadryl (TIE)
GastrointestinalLactose Digestive AidLactaid
GastrointestinalDiarrhea ReliefImodium
GastrointestinalGas ReliefGas-X
GastrointestinalHemorrhoid ReliefPreparation H
GastrointestinalUpset Stomach ReliefPepto-Bismol
GastrointestinalFiber SupplementMetamucil
GastrointestinalStool SoftenerColace
GastrointestinalHeartburn Relief (Antacid)Tums
GastrointestinalLaxativeDulcolax / MiraLAX (TIE)
GastrointestinalNausea Treatment/ReliefDramamine-N / Emetrol (TIE)
Oral CareToothpaste for SensitivitySensodyne
Oral CareCold Sore ReliefAbreva
Oral CareDry Mouth ReliefBiotène
Oral CareOral Pain ReliefOrajel
Oral CareDenture CleanserPolident
Oral CareDenture AdhesiveFixodent
Pain & InflammationMigraine ReliefExcedrin
Pain & InflammationBack Pain ReliefAleve
Pain & InflammationTopical Pain ReliefVoltaren
Pain & InflammationHeadache ReliefExcedrin / Tylenol (TIE)
PediatricsChildren's Allergic Reaction TreatmentChildren's Benadryl
PediatricsMultivitamin (Kids)Flintstones
PediatricsChildren's Topical Cough SuppressantVicks VapoRub
PediatricsColic ReliefMylicon
PediatricsChildren's Seasonal AllergiesChildren's Claritin
PediatricsSunscreen (Kids)Coppertone
PediatricsChildren's Cough MedicationChildren's Delsym
PediatricsChildren's Cold MedicationChildren's Dimetapp
PediatricsChildren's Cough, Cold, and Flu CombinationChildren's Dimetapp / Mucinex Children's (TIE)
SkinAthlete's Foot TreatmentLotrimin
SkinStretch Mark TreatmentMederma
SkinSunscreen (Adult)Neutrogena
SkinScar TreatmentMederma
SkinEczema ReliefAveeno / Eucerin (TIE)
SupplementsMultivitamin (Adult)Centrum
SupplementsMemory Support SupplementPrevagen
SupplementsVitamin D SupplementNature Made
SupplementsJoint SupplementOsteo Bi-Flex
SupplementsOmega-3 SupplementNature Made
SupplementsProbiotic SupplementCulturelle
SupplementsWeight Loss AidAlli
SupplementsImmune System BoosterEmergen-C
SupplementsVitamin C SupplementNature Made
SupplementsEye VitaminPreserVision
SupplementsMagnesium SupplementNature Made
SupplementsIron SupplementFeosol / Nature Made (TIE)
SupplementsCalcium SupplementCaltrate / Citracal / Nature Made / Os-Cal (TIE)
OtherLice TreatmentNix
OtherIncontinence ProductsDepend
OtherSleeping AidUnisom
OtherSmoking CessationNicorette
OtherUTI PreventionAZO

How winners are determined:
1,682 pharmacists practicing in the United States determined the BrandSpark/Newsweek Most Trusted by Pharmacists Awards winners for 2022 through their unaided write-in citations, as if they were giving their suggestions in the pharmacy. The highest share of citations as Most Trusted in the category determined the winner. If the margin of citation share between the leading brands did not exceed the estimate of sampling error at 90% statistical confidence, then a tie was declared.